Apple Offering 10% Bonus When Adding Funds to Apple ID in Select Countries

Apple is once again offering a 10 percent bonus when adding funds to your Apple ID account through April 3 in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and select other countries.

The bonus can be applied once on up to $200 or €300 in Apple ID funds, which can be used towards purchases on the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books Store, an Apple Music or iCloud storage subscription, and so forth. If you add $100 to your account, for example, you will receive $110 during this promotion.

app store bonus
To add funds directly to your Apple ID, go to Settings > Your Name > iTunes & App Store and tap your Apple ID > View Apple ID. Sign in if necessary, tap "Add Funds to Apple ID," tap the amount that you want to add, and confirm your selection.

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alexandr Avatar
15 months ago

Wow...Apple's greed has no limit. In these tough times, encouraging and enticing people to pile more money to their Apple ID account which will therefore be spent on apple products/services. Of course Apple die hard fans will applaud Apple for giving a 10% bonus. Tim has to pay for the masks which he is giving in the Corona fight. The giving of masks or the funds to buy masks is already giving Apple a tax break and now he has to double down by getting cash from Apple ID holders and through the sudden 10% increase on build to order MacBook Airs.
ok, no one is making you pile anything. those who were running low on their apple id account, can get a discount - why don't you try to look at it that way?
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BigMcGuire Avatar
15 months ago
Funny... I see this as a savings to me because I give Apple a chunk of change for movies, iCloud storage, and other things. I'm actually happy Apple is giving me the opportunity to save money.

The hatred and backlash against Apple for this is extremely off-putting to me. I imagine the same people would bash Apple if they hadn't offered to save people $ by not doing this. People just love to be outraged at everything and anything these days.

ok, no one is making you pile anything. those who were running low on their apple id account, can get a discount - why don't you try to look at it that way?
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citysnaps Avatar
15 months ago

... and now he has to double down by getting cash from Apple ID holders and through the sudden 10% increase on build to order MacBook Airs.
Nope. Buy a stock MBA today and it's $999.99. Just like it was yesterday. Want to bump up the SSD as a build to order option? That $200 bump will cost you $20 more today than it did yesterday, assuming if you live in a country with a falling currency. That $20 extra charge works out to be a 2% increasing on the whole computer.

Can't afford the extra 2%. Or feel Apple should shoulder your country's falling currency? No worries. Buy a Windows machine and move forward.
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switz Avatar
15 months ago
Just added $200 to my Apple ID. I also get 3% cash back on the GoldmanSachs Apple Card. So the total bonus is actually $26.00 USD
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citysnaps Avatar
15 months ago
A nice further discount when you subscribe to Apple Music for a year. Making it come out to $7.50 (US) per month. A deal!
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mwy23 Avatar
15 months ago
10% bonus + 3% cashback :)

Curious if anyone knows if any subscriptions fees are removed from your AppleID funds automatically before stored CC?

10% bonus + 3% cashback :)

Curious if anyone knows if any subscriptions fees are removed from your AppleID funds automatically before stored CC?
Nevermind, found the answer. In case anyone else was wondering, under Payments & Shipping it states that Apple ID balance is used for each purchase first.
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