Apple Cuts Price of 1TB iPad Pro Models by $200

Following yesterday's iPhone event that saw the launch of new ‌iPhone‌, Apple Watch, and iPad models, Apple has tweaked the pricing of its 11 and 12.9-inch 1TB iPad Pro models, dropping the cost by $200 in the United States.

Pricing for the 1TB 11-inch iPad Pro now starts at $1,349, while pricing for the 1TB 12.9-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ now starts at $1,549.

When the new ‌iPad Pro‌ models were introduced in October 2018, the 1TB 11-inch ‌iPad Pro‌ model was priced at $1,549, while the 1TB 12.9-inch model was priced at $1,749.

When flash storage prices drop, Apple often passes those savings on to consumers, and has dropped the price of higher tier Mac storage options in recent months as well.

Pricing on the 64, 256, and 512GB ‌iPad Pro‌ storage tiers has not changed.

It's been almost a year since Apple refreshed the ‌iPad Pro‌, and rumors have suggested we may be getting a new ‌iPad Pro‌ model before the end of 2019.

While most rumors have indicated the changes will be minor, some rumors suggest the new tablets could gain the same triple-lens camera added to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

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19 weeks ago
"When flash storage prices drop, Apple often passes those savings on to consumers..."

HA! Even for an Apple-centric site that statement strains credulity lol. Apple still charges $100 extra for each step between 64/256/512 GB in iPhones.
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19 weeks ago

This may indicate iPad Pro won't get update until next year...

Or... it may indicate an update is just around the corner and they are pushing out existing inventory..
Rating: 23 Votes
19 weeks ago

So, out of curiosity what would the use case be for an iPad with 1TB of storage?

Video editing, large image editing...

Lots of creative workflows require big files and lots of storage.
Rating: 13 Votes
19 weeks ago
glad apple is starting to randomly introduce price cuts (unexpected iphone 11, keep xr, ipad)
Rating: 10 Votes
19 weeks ago
Ironically, the price drop in global flash pricing is due to the slowdown in iPhone sales.
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19 weeks ago

Well i think Apples approach yesterday was very confusing with the introduction of the 10.2 and no mention of the iPad Pros. Or no hint at another event.

If there is no new iPad pro.. the lineup will look incoherent.
The new lowend model will have the A13 chip
and the Pro model will have the A12x. A Pro with a processor that is a generation behind the low end entry model..
Makes no sense.

The low end model has an A10 chip. You're complete confused.

Also, Apple-blog-followers are the only people on the planet who care about "cohesion" in the product lineup.

When a product is new, its important to have as few skus as possible. When the product takes off, that no longer matters, and it is all about having a product that hits several important price points.
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19 weeks ago
Too bad they didn't lower the entire lineup by $200. That would have brought it somewhere in the realm of planet earth.
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19 weeks ago
This may indicate iPad Pro won't get update until next year...
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19 weeks ago
They’ve gone up £200 in the UK
Rating: 7 Votes
19 weeks ago

That's not really the answer, because it doesn't address how iCloud fits in. iCloud enables a lot of offloading. It isn't necessary to keep your entire file history on your device anymore, so people don't. You can keep what you're currently working on, which even for the things you describe are not going to eat up more than a few GB at a time.

The same person can be equally successful with a 256 GB iPad as a 1 TB iPad.

So OP's question remains of what is the actual use case for a 1 TB iPad.

That really depends. Not everyone has good connectivity everywhere they go, and even when they do, you might not wan to download a 100GB file from iCloud when you need it.

I totally see the benefit to having a device where you can store all your data.
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