Apple Releases Revised Version of iOS 13 and iPadOS Developer Beta 3

Alongside the second public beta versions of iOS 13 and iPadOS, Apple today also released a revised third beta version of the operating systems for developers.

The reason for the new version isn't entirely clear, but the original third developer beta was not available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus for some reason. Today's update, build 17A5522g, is only a very minor increment from the 17A5522f build of the original release, but Apple appears to be pushing it out for all devices, not just the ‌iPhone‌ 7 and 7 Plus that had not originally received it.

Registered developers will need to download the profile for the ‌iOS 13‌ and ‌iPadOS‌ betas from Apple's Developer Center. The revised Beta 3 can be downloaded over-the-air once the proper profile has been installed.

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7 months ago
The previous version of beta 3 had an obscure bug that was bothersome... hopefully it is fixed.

Basically if my phone ever went to a place where the signal was so bad it disconnected, it never recovered. The bars would come back, but most of the phone still thought it was offline (even if I was online on Wifi and using Chrome with no issues). Only a reboot would allow things like Maps to work again.
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7 months ago
Cue in all the bug complaints without giving any feedback to Apple.
I wonder if there are more bug reports in this forum than Apple's own reporting system.
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7 months ago
Needed this. On my XS, it was the worst beta so far. Wouldn’t detect my swiping input on the home screen for the first 2-3 swipes and would lose all data (3G/LTE) at least once a day.
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7 months ago

I’ve been having lots of issues with Mail on my Xs Max seems like this minor update has addressed that

Yeah. Mail is fixed for me, too.
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7 months ago

I don't ever remember a DB beta auto-updating, even with the setting turned on. It has always been manually for me.

Must have been important for Apple to push a 117 MB update so quickly.

Developers tend to be a bit more tolerant of issues that might force them to reinstall the OS than the general public would because we're used to dealing with in-progress buggy code and potential catastrophic data loss. My guess is they found something that was a critical bug that might sour the public on the beta program and threw in one change. It's just a guess.

I wonder that myself sometimes. I think some people forget what the purpose of a dev/public beta is for.

I've submitted a half a dozen already to Apple for beta 2 and beta 3. (various touch issues, app failures, cell/wifi issues).
The cell radio bugs in first beta 3 release were annoying. Hopefully they were resolved in this re-release.
Toggling airplane mode on and off worked for me.

There are two main reasons for a beta program. One is to ask for bug reports. The second, which is just as important, is to allow developers to get a head start on revising old programs to work with the new OS or to create new products that could take advantage of the new features. Without a beta program, there wouldn't be a huge slew of updates on OS release day. In fact, we'd have a lot of programs that flat out didn't work.
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7 months ago

I'd like to know the same thing. Since I didn't revert to iOS 12, it's been very tricky the voicemail issue.
Hope someone confirms if that is fixed!

Any chance you have "Silence Unknown Callers" enabled? Had the same issue until I disabled that one.

Settings > Phone > Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts
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7 months ago
For free you sure complain a lot. Having the developer license this beta is playing catch up. You don't read about developers complaining about updating.
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7 months ago
I know there isn’t news everyday but man these beta only days are driving me up a wall.
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7 months ago
Happy to see an update as well. Most of the time could not swipe to answer a call and You Tube on the iPad had issues with closing a video to watch another. Beta is like that, no complaint just sharing.
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7 months ago

I had this problem too. Made the mistake of updating in Los Angeles before driving 2,000 miles to Nashville. Every time I lost signal for a few minutes, it would return with bars but the LTE or 3G never showed until I did a reboot.

Even when toggling Airplane mode on/off?

I haven't downloaded Monday's update yet but I have noticed when I forward an email a file that was attached will not connect. I need to google to see where I report these things, I've forgotten the apple page

Can report via Feedback Assistant App or online
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