Apple Experiencing Issues With iCloud Services and Retail Store Systems [Resolved]

Apple today is experiencing problems with a host of iCloud-related services, as outlined on the company's system status page. Affected services include all of the basic iCloud services, as well as services like Find My Friends, ‌Find My‌ iPhone, Game Center, Photos, and Screen Time.

The company says only that "some" users are affected, but social media reports suggest the outage is fairly widespread.

Apple is also having problems with its retail store systems, with a number of users reporting that employees are unable to complete customer purchases or support requests.

Update: Apple Cash, Apple Pay card management, and Mail Drop are now also affected.

Update 2: According to Apple's system status page, all issues have been resolved.

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8 months ago

No issues for me.
Everything still working perfectly.

That’s a relief. I was worried.
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8 months ago
It's Jony's fault. He took the "i" in iCloud with him on his way out and no one noticed.
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8 months ago
"The company says only that 'some' users are affected, but social media reports suggest the outage is fairly widespread."

To be fair, that's about the worst metric one can possibly use. Social media always makes things look like a huge issue, because it's easy to find a couple hundred people who complain about something on Twitter and then do a write up and proclaim it a movement.
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8 months ago
It’s been a bad week for the internet. Lots of “glitches” for the bigger entities from Facebook to Google to Apple.
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8 months ago

Cyber attacks on the 4th of July ?

The world is bigger than the states...;)
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8 months ago
Yesterday, it was Facebook & Instagram. Now it's Apple. Internet's grounds are shaking, probably due to a massive pirate/terrorist attack.

The world is changing. Learn how to grow seeds, do your own fire, hide, make a shelter. YouTube won't be there when you'll need it. Don't trust anyone.
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8 months ago
There was a solar eclipse in the South Pacific on Tuesday. The iSun and iMoon messed up the iCloud.
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8 months ago
If only Apple had access to AI/machine learning, it would have predicted these problems and fixed them before it happened. Because AI/machine learning is that good.

(Edit: Just for the record, this was meant as a joke.)
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8 months ago
Wife: “Find My Friends isn’t working.”
Me: “Huh.”
Wife: *Hands me her iPhone
Me: *Checks Settings for a couple of minutes, doesn’t find anything amiss. Checks her Find My Friends App. It’s working. Hands iPhone back to wife. “It’s working now.”
Wife: Takes iPhone and says, “How’d you do that?”
Me: *Remains quiet to enforce false impression of my tech expertise.
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8 months ago
Related to the earthquake just reported?
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