Hands-On With the iPhone XR Clear Case From Apple

It took nearly two months following the on-sale date for the iPhone XR, but Apple's highly anticipated clear case for the colorful device is now available. We're not entirely sure what the delay was in launching it, and it's currently the only first-party case available for the iPhone XR, so we went hands-on with the new case to see how it stacks up.

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Apple's clear case is intended to show off the colorful rear shell of the iPhone XR, and it does a great job at that, with a crystal clear view of the phone itself all around. The case is a bit firmer than we expected based on our previous experiences with third-party clear cases, so Apple's case holds its shape well while also providing solid protection.

The iPhone XR Clear Case has a design that's very similar to Apple's other iPhone cases like the leather and silicone options for other models, with a raised lip around the front to protect your phone when placed or dropped face down and an open bottom that makes it easy to use gestures such as the Home screen swipe that starts at the very bottom of the screen.

It's not the most protective case on the market, but Apple has never been about providing maximal protection, so you'll have to look for other options if you're expecting to need anything more than protection from the occasional small drops.

The case unsurprisingly fits perfectly around the iPhone XR with ample clearance for the rear camera, although we wish the side button covers provided for a little more movement upon pressing to give the buttons a bit more tactile feel and that the ring/silent switch opening was a bit bigger to make it easier to access.

One common issue with third-party cases is that they tend to yellow over time after long-term light exposure. We obviously haven't had Apple's case long enough to know if that will be an issue, but we'd be surprised if Apple didn't take this phenomenon into account when selecting materials for the case.

The iPhone XR Clear Case is priced at $39, which is in line with Apple's other first-party cases but substantially more expensive than many third-party clear cases, so you'll need to decide for yourself whether the price premium is worth it.

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15 months ago
This case should cost $5. Paying more than $5 for a small piece of clear molded plastic, that’s a hard no.
Rating: 47 Votes
15 months ago
"Apple's highly anticipated clear case" - really? I had seen anything to suggest that.
Rating: 37 Votes
15 months ago
Do we really need a 'hands-on' for a clear case?
Rating: 32 Votes
15 months ago
Been loving mine so far. :)

(reposts all day, baby!)

Rating: 21 Votes
15 months ago

Apple's highly anticipated clear case

More brazen propaganda from Mac Rumors. North Korea’s state run news media appears more nuanced than this site sometimes.
Rating: 19 Votes
15 months ago
Recent Apple QC indicates it probably WILL yellow
Rating: 16 Votes
15 months ago
What is wrong with the Spigen clear case that cost a lot less? :)

Wait, I know, it doesn't have an Apple logo on it! So how can Apple Fan Boy justify their purchase?
Rating: 14 Votes
15 months ago
40 bucks for a clear case.......... Great deal.......
Rating: 14 Votes
15 months ago
If the phone is so thin and infuriatingly slippery and fragile that you have no choice but to buy a non-slip, grippable, protective case for it then you have to question just how important being thin and slippery and fragile is.
Rating: 12 Votes
15 months ago
Similar TPU cases are available on AliExpress ('https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-Clear-Shockproof-Silicone-TPU-Transparent-Phone-Case-Fundas-Coque-For-iphone-7-7Plus-6-S/32861351722.html')for $1 with free shipping.

Even if those yellow, I'd have to replace those 39 times to break even. Not to mention those $1 cases tend to have much better corner protection.
Rating: 10 Votes

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