Apple Shares New Ad Highlighting Group FaceTime

Apple today shared a new ad that focuses on the recently introduced Group FaceTime feature, designed to allow iOS and Mac users to chat with up to 32 people at one time.

The video, entitled "A Little Company," features a bunch of different Elvis impersonators on a Group FaceTime call singing the song "There's Always Me" by Elvis Presley.

The video shows off the tiled interface that's used with Group FaceTime, designed to highlight the person who is speaking at the current time.

Group FaceTime also has a feature that lets you use Animoji, Memoji, and filters during your video chats, but that option is not shown off in today's video.

Group FaceTime was introduced as a main feature in the iOS 12 beta, but it was not ready for iOS 12's September launch so Apple temporarily removed it. Group FaceTime was re-released in iOS 12.1, which Apple launched in late October.

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14 months ago
Best Apple ad in years! Loved it. Beautifully shot, laughed all the way through and showed exactly what it is for.
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14 months ago

Hands up (by FaceTime obviously) who remembers face to face contact!

*raises hand*

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14 months ago

Liked the ad. Real talk: How did they all have their phones standing up on the tables without them sliding forward?

Things you’ll never see on an Apple commercial:
* Cases
* Caseless iPhones/iPads wobbling/teeter-tottering when placed on tabletops.
* Caseless slippery iPhones slipping out of grip.
* Tape/bandaid keeping a cracked screen corner together
* A frayed cable
* Dongles
* USB hubs
* Dongle and USB hub accessory purses/cases
* Users with their still-numerous and super convenient wired earbuds and headphones
* Someone using the AppleTV siri remote and not looking frazzled and frustrated
* Workarounds to prevent propped-up super slippery phones without any grip aid whatsoever from sliding.

Just like beer commercials showing happy co-workers celebrating beachside after work, or supermodel husbands/wives working their $$$$ Peloton exercise bike in an Architectire Digest-winning home with a gift-wrapped Lexus parked outside on Christmas, don’t count on Apple commercials to reflect anything close to real-life usage examples. Not even most current Apple products themselves are set up for real world usefulness, now that I think about it. But they look good on film.
Rating: 8 Votes
14 months ago
I would of reenacted the old Budweiser commercial where they are all screaming Wazzz Up lol.
Rating: 7 Votes
14 months ago
Well, this certainly beats my idea where 7 people simultaneously burp the lyrics to Cattle Decapitation's "Pacific Grim".
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14 months ago

somewhat related, wouldn't the latency make actual collaboration on music terrible?

Not inside a reality distortion field.
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14 months ago

I just want regular FaceTime to work. “Poor connection” each and every time. And before you chime in, NO it’s not the connection. Device A can talk to B, B to C, but A and C cannot connect. Apple has no clue... “reinstall”.

You are quick to conclude that FaceTime is the problem. Where are A, B and C located geographically? The internet is a giant, decentralized network, and routers are responsible for sending packets from A to C through what they figure are the best channels. Each router along the path joins together "hops".

Use the `traceroute`tool to observe the hops between A, B and C respectively. You might find that A-C are having timeout issues, and that has nothing to do with FaceTime.

The worst ad i have ever seen...

You are just trying to stir the pot, be a rebel, etc... or you would have explained *why* you think that. :rolleyes:
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14 months ago
Liked the ad. Real talk: How did they all have their phones standing up on the tables without them sliding forward?
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14 months ago
Loved that ad. Funny, especially the boat in the storm bit.

Hands up (by FaceTime obviously) who remembers face to face contact!

The whole point of the ad was that these people were all over the world at that time.
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14 months ago

I love pressing my face into other people's faces!

I've told you before Anger, that's called "kissing", and you'll learn to let me do it.
Rating: 3 Votes

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