Apple Pushing Updates to Resolve Apple Watch App Signing Issue

Apple today alerted some developers about a temporary signing issue that prevents their apps from being installed on the Apple Watch.

The full text of Apple's email, obtained from a MacRumors reader:
We've discovered that there was a temporary issue with the App Store signature of your binaries that affects the ability of your app to install on Apple Watch. As a result, we're pushing an update with the proper signing to customers' devices.
It's unclear what went wrong, but Apple is pushing server-side updates with the proper signing to the devices of affected customers.

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12 months ago
Apple is doomed! :mad: Fire the devs!

(I am new here, ami doin it rite?)
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12 months ago

I wonder if that's why recent update of Dark Sky didn't work at all.

Yes. The update said it added the temp back to the complication, but it wasn't added when I updated. I just looked again today, and the temp is back.
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