Apple to Debut Low-Cost MacBook Air With Retina Display, Revamped Pro-Focused Mac Mini in 2018

Apple is working on several new products for its Mac lineup, including a new low-cost MacBook Air and a Pro-focused Mac mini, reports Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

The upcoming low-cost MacBook Air will be similar in design to the current MacBook Air, but with slimmer bezels around the display. It will continue to be sized around 13 inches, and it will feature a Retina display.

We've heard multiple rumors about the upcoming low-cost notebook, but it has been unclear whether it is part of the MacBook family or if it will be branded as a MacBook Air. Today's report makes it clear that the new machine is going to be positioned as a MacBook Air upgrade, aimed at students and schools with a lower price tag than MacBooks in the MacBook family.

Apple is continuing to make new MacBook models as well, and it's not yet clear how the company will differentiate the new MacBook Air from the MacBook. Right now, the MacBook's higher price tag, slimmer body, and Retina display set it apart from the MacBook Air.

Apple is also said to be working on an upgrade to the Mac mini, which has not seen an update since October 2014. Little detail is available about the upcoming machine, but it is said to be focused on pro users with new storage and processor options that are likely to make it more expensive than previous Mac mini products.

2017 rumors suggested Apple was working on a Mac mini that "won't be so mini anymore," which would be in line with a machine that has more powerful, less compact components.

Bloomberg suggests Apple could potentially be planning to introduce the new Macs in October, following a September event that will see the launch of new iPhones and new Apple Watch models.

New iPad Pro models with Face ID are also in the works, but it is not clear if these will debut in September or October.

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19 months ago
Mac-oriented rumors are soooooooooo welcomed! More, more more! Make us BELIEVE!

Edit: Because a few guys seem to be reading this as a jab at MacRumors, let me clarify it is NOT. It is excitement that maybe Apple is doing something to generate some new Mac rumors. IMO, MacRumors is great. And I'm glad to see something maybe happening on the Mac side of Apple. "More, more, more!" Apple. "Make us BELIEVE!" Apple.
Rating: 90 Votes
19 months ago
Please no butterfly keyboard. Please no butterfly keyboard. Please no...
Rating: 67 Votes
19 months ago
Will be nice for all those mac mini owners who want to finally upgrade.
Rating: 56 Votes
19 months ago
A pro-focused Mac mini would be just perfect for me. Hopefully there is something for the lower end as well.
Rating: 52 Votes
19 months ago
Mac Mini Pro... Bring it, my wallet is open.
Rating: 31 Votes
19 months ago
As my internet friends like to say, The new Mac mini is almost certainly coming...
Rating: 30 Votes
19 months ago
I had this crazy theory that what Apple meant by modular for the Mac Pro was starting off with a Mac Mini-like base. I wonder if this is what that is or something else entirely. Basically you would have a base "box" which is the processor, RAM, and logic board. It would have Intel integrated graphics and an small SSD blade so it could run on it's own. Then you can stack components on top of this: GPU(s), SSDs, HDDs, capture cards and similar components for both video/audio production. It could all connect with a series of Thunderbolt 4 connectors (perhaps a variant that allows the components to stack together like lego bricks. The thing I'm not sure about is how the power supply would work, such as needing a larger one with multiple GPUs. I'm also not sure about whether Thunderbolt 4 would be fast enough for professional, highest-end GPU work. Isn't it supposed to be around 100Gbps? Perhaps the reason it has taken this long is they've been working with Intel on that standard (or building their own?).

It could start with a six core processor and 256GB or maybe 512GB SSD and you built it up from there. Starting at $1499. Add on bits as you like. I'm also not sure if they would allow CPU upgrades. Surely a modular machine would have a RAM access door.
Rating: 29 Votes
19 months ago
Just what we wanted: A more expensive Mac Mini.

Tim's greed never ends.
Rating: 17 Votes
19 months ago

Just curious. What do you guys using the Mac mini for?

Desktop computing
Rating: 15 Votes
19 months ago

You can't upgrade your TV's GPU. You can't upgrade the Power Transistors in your AV Receiver. You can't upgrade the image sensor in your Smartphone, etc.

So why do people hold on to the notion that computer memory and SSD should somehow be an exception to every other product, when it is only a very small fraction of owners that ever DO that sort of "upgrading"?

Because, unlike the components on your phone or TV, these components on computers have traditionally been able to be replaced/upgraded by the user, and there’s no reason for Apple not to allow it on a desktop computer.
Rating: 14 Votes

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