Apple CEO Tim Cook to Speak at Fortune's CEO Initiative Tonight

Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to speak at Fortune's CEO Initiative in San Francisco, California tonight, with Fortune planning to share a live stream of the event.

The CEO Initiative, an invite-only event, will kick off at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time, with Cook set to appear at 6:05 p.m. It's not clear what Tim Cook will talk about, but the topic of the Initiative is "companies doing well by doing good."
Fortune's CEO Initiative, an invite-only event that takes place on June 25 and 26 in San Francisco, is devoted to the topic of companies doing well by doing good. The theory is that infusing businesses with a broader purpose can help with recruiting, attracting new customers, and improving corporate images.
Cook is a prime example of a leader who has worked to use Apple's influence to champion important social causes, such as diversity and equality.

The live stream of Fortune's event can be watched at 6:05 p.m. Pacific Time/9:05 p.m. Eastern Time on the Fortune website.

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12 months ago
I personally dont care about Apples social stances, just give me next level software and hardware year in year out and thats it.
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12 months ago
Turn the soft philanthropy down a notch...

I get what it means to do good, but I want them to be what they used to... Great, in the departments that matter to professionals and creatives that have been sucked into the best ecosystem available. Pick up the pace, Apple.
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12 months ago
Tim cook: “i just came here tonight to express my emoji feelings.”
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12 months ago
Is this Tim Cook guy head of public relations?

Did that big building in Cupertino need to be built just because the company makes phones and dabbles in Politics?
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12 months ago

Apple is only interested in profit and dividends for Shareholders

they are only looking after themselves and their shareholders.

So how exactly does this distinguish Apple from every other publicly traded company? Please name the one that doesn’t prioritize profits for shareholders.

On the other hand, here’s a list of American companies whose products are used in iPhones:
Avago Technologies
TriQuint Semiconductor
Texas Instruments
Maxim Integrated

They’re also repatriating cash and looking into a manufacturing plant in the US. They also promote green energy more than any other major tech company I know, and have dueled with the Federal government over defending your privacy. I personally have no problem with a damn rainbow watch band in an age where people still murder homosexuals for sport.

You say you’d gladly pay more for a cell phone if the company satisfied your criteria? I call BS, but since all current mobile phones are made in places you’d have a problem with, your noble claim is hard to prove. Sure, I often pay more for locally sourced or organic food, but that’s where I have a choice. You’re laying on the holier-than-thou pretty thick, but I’d be interested to go through your closet and see where your clothes were made.
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12 months ago
Does Cook actually do any work in between traveling the world and making pointless speeches.
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12 months ago

Sorry when Tim Cook is the CEO of a company who makes on average 40% profit on all their items and is sitting on hundred's of millions in cash reserves that it refuses to pay taxes on he has no right to make social comments. He should maybe get his house in order first! Human rights..All of Apple's items are built in China which has a wonderful Human Rights record! The Chinese factories used are virtual slave cities and the whole supply chain is based on sourcing the cheapest to maximise profits for the shareholders.
Maybe he should revisit how Apple's products are produced and reduce profits for the benefit of his employee's direct or in-direct. Also maybe move away from China! This won't happen as the Board and shareholders would never allow it! I just get frustrated at these companies who constantly have a social commentary and "know better" yet do the exact opposite in the way their companies are run!

Nah. Stop blaming everything on Apple. Low salary is mainly because of overpopulation. Even with low salary, people are fighting over there to have that kind of job. That's the country's problem that's why they have one-child policy. And don't ever think that only Apple prefers to manufacture in China. Android phones, Playstations, XBoxes, PC parts, almost every tech are made in China.

That's how the phones and tech gadgets are "priced as of now". Imagine the price of tech gadgets (not only apple) if it were manufactured in a country that demands high salary because of their high cost of living?

How about if I say that you're also benefiting from the price of tech gadgets right now?
will you also turn a blind eye and and just be secretly grateful? :p
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