Sonos Announces New Colors for Sonos One Speaker Coming This September

Sonos today announced the upcoming debut of new color options for the Sonos One speaker, launching in addition to the device's current colors of white and black. Created in collaboration with Danish design brand HAY, the Sonos One will be available in red, yellow, and green in September 2018.

Although not mentioned specifically, the announcement of the new speaker colors also includes an image with a light pink speaker, so there could be additional colors coming as well. The update is focused on new colors and does not appear to include any changes or overhauls to other features of the Sonos One, but the price will be increased to $229/£229/€259, from $199/£199/€229 (via The Verge).

Inspired by the Danish company's 2018 color palette, the HAY Sonos One Limited Edition Collection will provide customers with a bit more personalization options for Sonos's latest speaker, according to representatives from both companies.
“Our speakers aren’t designed to claim attention but to blend naturally into their surroundings,” says Sonos VP of Design Tad Toulis. Even with the addition of colors to the typically black-and-white Sonos product line, the new HAY Sonos One still manages to maintain that aesthetic subtlety.

“These speakers deserve to be treated like furniture: strong, independent objects that fit different needs and spaces,” says Hay. By leveraging HAY’s singular approach to color, this limited edition collection fully realizes the Sonos philosophy of sonic architecture and harmonizes both brands’ ability to create products that can transform a home.
Sonos announced and launched the Sonos One in October 2017, placing the speaker as an entrant in the ever-growing smart speaker market. In January, on the same day that pre-orders for Apple's HomePod went live, Sonos launched a bundle that included two Sonos One speakers together for $349/£349, saving customers $50 and directly matching HomePod's $350 price tag.

Sonos says that today's announcement is just the start of its collaboration with HAY, so users can likely expect more colorful Sonos devices down the line. The HAY Sonos One will debut this September on and in Sonos flagship stores in New York City, London, and Berlin, and at the HAY House in Copenhagen.

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5 days ago at 06:03 am

Five month lead time for new colors of speaker housings? And most of the colors are bland as heck? I look forward to seeing them excoriated as a dying brand.

Sonos has been here long before the HomePod and will be here long after it. Also, Macrumors is the last place anybody should be talking about another company’s lead time.
Rating: 35 Votes
5 days ago at 06:49 am
Sonos: we have four new colors!
Criticism (comments above): not innovative, not interesting

Apple: red iPhone!
Everyone: OMG

Also, I want a red HomePod.
Rating: 15 Votes
5 days ago at 06:39 am

Who wants a piss colored speaker? Lol

Your orange leader maybe? :)
Rating: 8 Votes
5 days ago at 06:25 am
The app isn't that bad. My wife can use it just fine. Which is a testament given her issues with using technology (one of the reasons she married me I fear). In fact, one of the cool features I've found with Sonos is if you stop playing one day and want to start up on the same thing you were listening to, just hit the play button on the speaker and BAM, starts back up immediately where you left off. Very cool!
Rating: 7 Votes
5 days ago at 07:59 am

The app isn't that bad. My wife can use it just fine. Which is a testament given her issues with using technology (one of the reasons she married me I fear). In fact, one of the cool features I've found with Sonos is if you stop playing one day and want to start up on the same thing you were listening to, just hit the play button on the speaker and BAM, starts back up immediately where you left off. Very cool!

Exactly! My wife, (keeps me around for the same reason), turns off our TV every night, starts her podcasts in the Sonos app and puts on a 20 minute sleep timer. If she can do that on her is not too complicated. My 8 year old and 17 year old navigate the app every day. They play music from Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and XM. We have 10 Play:1s in the house and 2 is ridiculously simple to group rooms or split them. In my eyes, anyone saying that the app is too difficult has spent 0 time trying to learn it. Hell, the podcast app on the iPhone is more difficult that this one.

To the guy saying it hasn't got a long history...9 years is an eternity in tech, and the market share grab will forever be in the hands of the first. Happily, Sonos does not feel like the first to market..the product is anything but 1/2 baked.
Rating: 6 Votes
5 days ago at 06:28 am

Sonos was founded in 2002. The first version of what would become the Play speaker series came out in 2009. They don't really have that long of a history.

They’ve been in the multi-room audio space for about 15 years longer than Apple (and counting).

*un-synced AirPlay from Mac doesn’t count
Rating: 5 Votes
5 days ago at 06:55 am

But that airplay 2 hummmmmmm. It might come in 20 years.
I also still can't understand how is it that sonos obliges people to use that awful app. The only reason why I didn't buy one yet was because the entire process of playing music is just too complicated. It should be as easy as opening your iTunes and puff, there you have some music playing.

Because iTunes isn't the only place where people play music from? The Sonos app works perfectly on all the devices I use it from. It's intuitive and really isn't rocket science to use. Let's not make up reasons to slate other products just because they aren't Apple.
Rating: 4 Votes
4 days ago at 07:21 am

Well, simple. If I have guests coming over and if someone wants to connect to the speaker, it should be possible to user airplay. But that doesn't seem to be possible as you always need to go through the app.
On the other hand if I want to play sound from a movie or something I'm also restricted to it. Or from an analog device for example. The thing is that nowadays everybody assumes that we all stream music. To be honest I really do hate these streaming services like Spotify and so on. Not everybody has unlimited downloads, and not everybody is willing to pay a monthly fee to listen to music. I still get a lot of second hand CDs and Vinyls which cost nearly nothing.

In the end, Bose approach seems to be a bit better. You can connect to the speaker with an AUX cable even on their cheaper products. The only problem is that they are still using technology from 2015.

That's not very accurate. With Sonos, if someone comes over, they can connect to your wifi and use Spotify Connect play to the Sonos speakers easily. Or, if they so choose, they can use the Sonos app which is very seamless because they don't need an account or login or anything - just being on the same wifi is enough. So yes, you do need some app to control the speaker which doesn't have a UI of it's own for obvious reasons, but it doesn't have to be the Sonos app per se.

People seem to think the app does it all though - it doesn't. The app is merely a remote control. The speaker itself does it all. You can start playing music using the app and then turn off your phone - the music will keep playing. Because, as I said, the app is merely a remote control.

In terms of streaming, I used to resist Spotify and say I like to own my music. And I still do - I have about 100GB of ripped music on my NAS (also is a national treasure). But the price of the family plan is just so darn cheap that it is hard to say no to ($2.50/month/user). Also, the price difference between a 256GB iPhone and a 64GB iPhone pays for years of streaming. So in terms of cost, it's a wash in the end. Sonos is able to stream files from a NAS or from a computer pretty easily. Also, if you get a Sonos with an aux input, that aux input can be played to any other Sonos speaker.

Honestly, in terms of set it and forget it whole home audio, I don't think anyone even comes close to Sonos. It's just so simple.
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5 days ago at 05:55 am
New colors announced 5 months in advance???
Rating: 3 Votes
5 days ago at 05:57 am
HAY Siri
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