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Apple Believes MacBook Pro Graphics Issues May Be Fixed in Latest macOS 10.12.2 Beta

Last week, we reported an increasing number of early adopters experiencing concerning graphics issues on the new MacBook Pro.

All late 2016 MacBook Pro models appear to be affected, including standard 13-inch and 15-inch configurations with AMD Radeon Pro 450 or AMD Radeon Pro 455 graphics, but the issues appear to be most prevalent on the high-end 15-inch model with built-to-order AMD Radeon Pro 460 graphics.

15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar exhibiting graphics issues (jscooper22)

User complaints have continued to surface over the past five days, with new videos emerging showing the usual symptoms, ranging from brightly colored flickering and full-screen checkerboard patterns to screen tearing and visual artifacts. Affected systems sometimes become unresponsive or crash due to a kernel panic, requiring some new MacBook Pro users to perform a hard restart.

Separately, a number of users continue to report brief glitches during the boot up process on new MacBook Pro models, particularly along the bottom of the screen. It appears this issue is related to FileVault 2 startup disk encryption, as the glitches go away for many of these users once the feature is disabled.

Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge or comment on the graphics issues, but in a supposed email response to a MacRumors forum member, Apple software engineering chief Craig Federighi allegedly said he believes the problems have been resolved in the latest macOS Sierra 10.12.2 beta released on Monday. As a point of emphasis, this email response has not been verified.

Thanks for your note! We believe we have addressed all of these graphics issues in the latest beta of Sierra 10.12.2 (available at

I hope that you enjoy your new MacBook Pro — it’s a fantastic machine!

- craig
While we have yet to verify the authenticity of the email beyond a reasonable doubt, there is some unscientific evidence to suggest it could be real:

• Although it could easily be faked, the response appears to resemble previous email responses sent by Federighi
• The user who shared the email response is a longtime MacRumors forum member who registered his account in June 2007
• Apple executives appear to be increasingly using email as a vehicle to subtly address customer questions and concerns
• MacRumors viewed a lengthy follow-up email the user received from Apple's Executive Relations team, which appears to be legitimate

Reports from affected users running the latest macOS Sierra beta are slim at this point, but at least one forum member claims to still be experiencing graphics issues on the fifth and latest macOS Sierra beta.

macOS Sierra 10.12.2 should be publicly released later this month, so additional user reports should soon prove if the graphics issues have truly been fixed.

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28 months ago
not to beat a dead horse or anything, but for the cost of these machines, you would expect them to be damn near bug free
Rating: 29 Votes
28 months ago
"It's a fantastic machine" LOL. Way overpriced this year, and many complain of lackluster performance. 2015 is the model you want. Trust me, I have one. (Plus you get to keep all your ports) ;)
Rating: 24 Votes
28 months ago
"I hope that you enjoy your new MacBook Pro — it’s a fantastic machine!"

The condescending arrogance from this company towards it's customers is, dare I say...courageous? (I know, it's getting old but the phrase 'just works')
Rating: 17 Votes
28 months ago
If the machine is so damn great, why must you constantly tell us?
Rating: 17 Votes
28 months ago
I've been reading MacRumors for years... thank you so much for collecting all these amazing articles and publishing.
This is the first year where I've genuinely seen MacRumors members change from very happy people having fun discussions and heated discussions, to truly angry people (at Apple) for peeing in their ear and trying to tell us its raining.
Apple... please listen to us. We are not just niche people, but people who used to believe in what you were doing, and you are driving us away.
Rating: 17 Votes
28 months ago
"It's a fantastic machine"
Hmmm... a premium price for a fashion statement but not a pro device.
Please replace Timmy and bring back pro devices. I'm sticking with my 2012 MBPr until a pro device comes out or I need to jump ship.
Rating: 13 Votes
28 months ago
The issue "may be fixed"?! Wow. That's a cute response from a company that's selling "the best laptop they've ever made" and charging several hundred dollars more than last year's comparably equipped models.
Rating: 10 Votes
28 months ago

A little off topic....
But of all the Apple exces who get stage time, i feel Federighi is the most memorable. He has, IMHO, the right combination of technical know-how, sense of humor, geek appeal and presentation skills.

He is also a former NexT guy, something I respect.

I'm not 100% sold on him, But from all the Cabal of leaders currently at Apple, He seems to be the one guy who seems genuinely interested in the tech. Almost like it's a love and passion for him.

Whenever I hear Ive speak, it's like he's committing verbal masturbation about how great a designer he is and how he's single handedly responsible for Apples fortune. The worst is when he talks about design and doesn't say anything of substance but just spits out verbal diarrhoea of buzzwords.

Cook never seems genuine. He constantly repeats the same "amazing" and "magical" and "Best is yet to come" and hasn't truly delivered on any of his bold claims about "pipelines". he comes across as insincere and his actions speak more to his money side and not leadership.

whenever Schiller talks, It's always sounding like Marketing speak, or marketing damage control. again, nothing he says feels genuine. Everything he says is calculated to upsell everything. Full of Hyperbole and insincerity.

Ahrendts - doesn't get to talk much, But under her, Apple's stores and marketting around them has dramatically shifted to try and make apple appear to be boutique and upscale. Attempting to prove Apple as an exotic brand. Which really doesn't mesh well with the fact they're selling consumer technology to the masses. Since she's taken over, I've never seen the local Apple stores as vacant. The days of lineups and large crowds are behind since the changes. And the newest attempt to make apple stores into "Meeting places" seems like a move nobody wants.

Hate to bring up the ghost of Jobs again, cause it's been beaten to death. But at this point, it just feels like the "kids" have been left to play with daddy's fortune. But don't actually have that link with the population they're supposed to be serving to. they've become so full of themselves due to their history that they don't believe they can be humbled.
Rating: 10 Votes
28 months ago
Not only did Apple release an under-powered and overpriced machine that lacks ports, lacks physical function keys, requires dongles, uses gimmicky touchbar, has terrible battery life and a terrible keyboard - the $2400+ 15 inch version has multiple issues.

Thanks Tim!

-Sent from my 15 inch Macbook Pro 2011
Rating: 10 Votes
28 months ago
You know with the way Apple has been pumping new Mac's out the door and its financial constraints over the last couple of years its not like they had the time and money to work the bugs out of these things. /s

That said, especially for laptops, avoid Rev A models if possible. The sense that Apple is “loosing it” (not financially yet) is palpable. Whether its the idea that making all the laptops variants of Macbook Air’s while raising prices and taking away useful ports and features (magsafe) would be a good thing, or the dropping of the AirPort line (just look who we have to go to ('') for easy WiFi with updates), or the seeming abandonment of most of the desktop line of Macs (Pro and Mini) after terrible prior updates…its obvious Apple execs have made some bad decisions and seems to be doubling down on that path.

Once your down to just a phone and maybe a watch with no environment to go with them - it becomes easier for people to go to something else that looks better (on a whim) on the year you don’t hit it out of the park. While super profitable (till the fall) that’s not a good long term strategy for being around. Those profitable Mac sales are stable.
Rating: 9 Votes

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