What's New in iOS 10.2 Beta 1: Unicode 9 Emoji, Preserve Settings for Camera, Videos Widget, Wallpapers and More

Apple seeded the first beta of iOS 10.2 to developers this afternoon, marking the second major update to the iOS 10 operating system. While iOS 10.2 doesn't include a single main feature like the Portrait mode that was introduced in iOS 10.1, it does include several smaller features.

There are a bunch of new emoji that were first introduced in Unicode 9, plus there's a new video widget and handy new settings for preserving your camera preferences when taking a photo. For a full overview of the new features, make sure to check out our video.

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Emoji - Unicode 9 emoji are included in iOS 10.2. Some of the new emoji include clown face, drooling face, selfie, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant, and more. There are more than a hundred new emoji, including several profession emoji available in both male and female genders, such as firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist, and more. Many existing emoji have also seen significant redesigns.

Wallpapers - There are new wallpapers in iOS 10.2, which use the same graphics that were shown off in iPhone 7 marketing materials.

Screen Effects - There's a new "Celebrate" Screen Effect available, accessible when adding an effect to a message.

Camera settings - There's a new option for saving your last known camera settings. This will let you preserve the last Camera Mode, Photo Filter, or Live Photo setting. "Preserve Settings" is available in the Settings App under "Photos & Camera."

Videos widget - There's a new widget available for the Videos app, accessible on the widgets panel by swiping to the right on the Home screen of an iPhone or iPad. The Videos widget displays movies and TV shows in the Videos app, and a tap will cause content to play automatically.

Emergency contacts - There's a new feature that will automatically notify your emergency contacts when you use the Emergency SOS feature on iPhone or Apple Watch. A popup notification shows up when you open the Health app after installing iOS 10.2.

Apple Music - There's a new option to sort playlists in Apple Music by type, title, and recently added. There are also new options for sorting songs and albums by title or artist.

iOS 10.2 is currently only available for registered developers, but Apple will likely make a beta available for public beta testers in the near future.

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43 months ago
I guess these two emoji didn't want to update to the 2016 MBP since they still have the glowing Apple logo.

Rating: 43 Votes
43 months ago
Not enough emoji. Please discontinue all work on desktop systems and give us more emoji. Thanks. /s
Rating: 23 Votes
43 months ago
Apple under Timmy and Jony:

1) Emojis and Messages effects to chase mainstream public*
2) "Pro" products with mediocre enhancements, but PRO pricing
3) The pursuit of margins, margins, and more margins

*I'm not saying emojis and messages effects are bad things; I use them all the time. Or that it's bad to chase mainstream public. But it's sad to see all this be a priority over other things that imo can push innovation and the boundaries. (Flashback of Craig talking about how cool it is to have emojis in the Touch Bar on a freaking PRO computer)
Rating: 13 Votes
43 months ago
More Emojis?

At this rate, my phone and Mac are drowning with emojis.
Rating: 12 Votes
43 months ago

How else are millennials going to communicate???

soon.... very soon...

PS Anyone else noticing how quickly MacRumors is burying this frontpage article? lol

Rating: 9 Votes
43 months ago
Rating: 8 Votes
43 months ago
What's the holdup with the dark mode? Enough with the emojis man.
Rating: 8 Votes
43 months ago
Rating: 7 Votes
43 months ago
Even the emojis have had enough

Rating: 7 Votes
43 months ago

Not enough emoji. Please discontinue all work on desktop systems and give us more emoji. Thanks. /s

Oh wow, a must have update. My life will be so much richer for more emojis and wallpapers...

This truly is innovation at it's cutting edge.

3..2..1.. back in the room. These hypnotism sessions really work. The world's a better place for a phone that has stagnated for the past three years and all you need to do is add emojis and wallpaper. Yay, way to go Tim.

Can I just say....**** YOUR ****ING EMOJIS!

C'mon Apple. You could be so much better than this. Right?

More emojis.
When update after update of iOS touts the addition of emojis over fixing major issues, you know someone at Apple really got allocated to the wrong team.

I still miss Slide to Unlock.
The new notifications slide options and display is worse than in iOS 9.
It takes far more time to unlock my iPhone 6 even after enabling 'Rest Finger to Open', because when I am sure that my fingerprints are gonna have trouble registering and I want to use Slide to Unlock instead, I can;t do it quickly anymore. I have to tap or click the home button a couple of times first, and wait.

Plenty of other stuff in this update with emojis being one of the smaller things. But reading this thread it seems like people don't even care about the update or any details and just want to try to come up with some clever digs at emojis and Apple and really nothing more.
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