iPhone 6s Lines Forming at Apple Stores Ahead of Launch Day

With less than one day until the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch in twelve countries, customers have begun forming lines at Apple Stores around the world to purchase one of the new devices. The size of the lineups vary depending on the location and will undoubtedly grow longer as we get closer to 8:00 am local time on Friday in each country.

Longer lines have formed at two Apple Stores in the German cities of Hamburg and Munich on the evening prior to the iPhone launch, while there are shorter queues in U.S. cities such as Chicago and San Francisco. Meanwhile, in Sydney, Australia, a media executive has a robot holding her place in line.

Birmingham, U.K.

Birmingham customers have the benefit of lining up indoors (via Benjamin Mason)

Chicago, U.S.

A short line has formed at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue (Thanks, Marc!)

Hamburg, Germany

A large crowd has formed at the Apple Store in Hamburg (via Daniel Knott)

Munich, Germany

Apple Store in Munich has one of the longest iPhone lines so far (via Martin Gollwitzer)

San Francisco, U.S.

A group of six people lined up two days early in San Francisco (via Shara Tibken)

Sydney, Australia

A media executive holds her spot with an iPad robot in Sydney (via Mashable)

Boston, U.S.

(Thanks, Mathieu!)

If you plan on waiting in line at an Apple Store and would like to meet up with other MacRumors readers, visit our iPhone Launch Meetups forum for various cities. You can also submit your own Apple Store lineup photos to tips@macrumors.com.

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57 months ago
The one thing Samsung can't copy! :p
Rating: 34 Votes
57 months ago
Weird. My iPhone is coming to me tomorrow, but I'm strange for doing things the easy way.
Rating: 31 Votes
57 months ago
I don't understand why anyone would do this.
Rating: 30 Votes
57 months ago
Ahhhh to be jobless
Rating: 13 Votes
57 months ago

The one thing Samsung can't copy! :p

They tried but it was costing them too much money to pay people to stand in line and buy nothing.
Rating: 12 Votes
57 months ago
I don't know why anybody would do this. I also don't get why people go to concerts when the music sounds better recorded, can be played anywhere at any time, and costs less than live performances.

I cannot imagine this being enjoyable ergo it cannot be.

Rating: 12 Votes
57 months ago

I'm sure the Pope is proud :D

He is flying to NYC to line up at the Fifth Ave. store tonight!
Rating: 11 Votes
57 months ago
Lol at people who hang out on an online forum to complain about people wasting their time.

What you do with your time is your choice and if you're happy with your choice then it's never a waste.
Rating: 11 Votes
57 months ago
Lots of crapping here about Apple geeks waiting in line. Quick story:

I was an assistant manager at an Apple Store and was scheduled to be opener for our grand opening. Get things prepped, start preparing everything for the big day. I had also camped out for opening of every Apple Store in our state so far with a collection of T-shirts they used to give out. I showed up at my store at midnight, got in line (4th place) and had a great time talking to other Mac lovers, chatting, talking about software and just ultimately having a nice time. One of the guys was from my MUG (Mac User Group for you young people).

Then at 7:30AM, I got up, unlocked the doors and started my duties. The guys were surprised but they understood what it means to wait for a store opening. I've camped out overnight for every Steve-Note at Macworld in NY, Boston and SF since 2003. I went to over 15 store openings and I've camped out for every iPhone since the first generation in 2007.

I was first in line for the iPhone 3G in San Francisco in 2008 (photos of me if you guys wanna google it).

Waiting in line is a tradition for me and I love talking to other apple lovers. **** all you want but some of us actually enjoy it. It's the experience.

Unfortunately, most of the people waiting in line these days are just buying phones to sell on the black market in China and the past 2 years of iPhone waiting are lawyer and doctor assistants just getting phones for their boss or a GF holding line for her BF who works nights and all kinds of stories. I haven't met a real die hard line waiter in quite a while. The romance isn't what it used to be.

I'll be lining up tonight in New Hampshire with my Apple hat, shirt and Macbook with charger. I can't wait!
Rating: 11 Votes
57 months ago
Looks like a lot of people called in sick today
Rating: 9 Votes

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