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List of iOS 8 Apps With Touch ID Integration

iOS 8, released to the public earlier today, included a slew of new APIs for developers. One of those APIs opened up Touch ID to third-party apps, letting developers use the fingerprint scanner for authentication purposes within apps.

Quite a few apps have been updated to take advantage of Touch ID integration, replacing passwords and PIN codes. We've gathered up a comprehensive list of the most popular apps that now use Touch ID, which you can find below.

- 1Password (Free) [Direct Link] - Password management app 1Password allows Touch ID to replace a Master Password, providing access to the app.

- LastPass (Free) [Direct Link] - Like 1Password, LastPass uses Touch ID to protect a user's LastPass vault. It replaces the Master Password.

- Amazon App (Free) [Direct Link] - The newly updated Amazon app for iOS 8 allows users to sign into their Amazon accounts using Touch ID instead of a password.

- Discover Mobile (Free) [Direct Link] - Banking app Discover Mobile lets users log into their accounts using Touch ID instead of a password.

- Evernote (Free) [Direct Link] - Evernote allows Evernote premium users who have protected their accounts with a passcode to log in with Touch ID instead of a number.

- Mint (Free) [Direct Link] - Money management app Mint allows users to substitute Touch ID for a passcode when logging into their Mint accounts.

- Scanner Pro ($6.99) [Direct Link] - Scanner Pro's newly updated iOS 8 app lets users protect their scanned information with Touch ID.

- Simple (Free) [Direct Link] - Banking app Simple lets users log into their bank accounts with Touch ID.

- Lowe's (Free) [Direct Link] - The mobile app for home improvement store Lowe's allows users to log into their MyLowe's personal accounts.

- Day One ($4.99) [Direct Link] - Day One allows users to unlock their journals with Touch ID, replacing a passcode.

- ETrade* (Free) [Direct Link] - ETrade has been updated with Touch ID authentication, which allows users to enter the app through fingerprint verification rather than a password.

- Keeper Password Manager (Free) [Direct Link] - This password management app is now able to use Touch ID fingerprint authentication in place of a master password.

Other apps with Touch ID integration: Yplan, Memoir, eHarmony

These are just a sampling of the apps that have integrated Touch ID so far. Additional app developers will likely be rolling the feature into their apps in the near future, now that iOS 8 is widely available. Want more iOS 8 info? Make sure to check out our iOS 8 roundup, our iOS 8 Hidden Features roundup, our list of apps with widgets in Notification Center, and our list of third-party keyboards.

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57 months ago

only took a year...

Complain when it's not here; complain when it arrives. Some people just don't want to be happy.
Rating: 16 Votes
57 months ago

On the bottom of safari press the square icon with arrow and slide bottom icons over until you see 1password. Select and it will be obvious from there.

You sir have saved my phone from gravity. Thank you!
Rating: 5 Votes
57 months ago
Is it just me or does 1password only ask for touchID some of the time?
Rating: 4 Votes
57 months ago
If you know of an app I've left out of this list, feel free to email me and I'll update it.
Rating: 4 Votes
57 months ago
I'm sure USAA won't be too far behind. They are always at the forefront of adding in these types of things to their banking app. :cool:
Rating: 4 Votes
57 months ago

It only works for me after its already been unlocked with my password.

You have to go to the security settings and change how frequently the Master Password is requested. If you set it to 30 days then it will just use touchID until 30 days have passed (or if TouchID fails too many times).
Rating: 3 Votes
57 months ago

C'mon Wells Fargo... GEEZ!

Their wagon logo suits their technology level.
Rating: 3 Votes
57 months ago
The lastpass iphone app is a 14 day free trial if you don't already have a premium account. If you're a student or you still have your email address from your college days, you can get 6 months of lastpass premium for free.
Rating: 2 Votes
57 months ago
Earth to PayPal...
Rating: 2 Votes
57 months ago
sometimes i wonder how ios would be without the jailbreak community. Almost every tweak i use is integrated into ios a few years later


I don't know about this. We'll probably see startling and grisly stories about stolen iPhones along with having taken the victim's index finger.

you watch too many movies
Rating: 2 Votes

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