Apple Releases Third OS X Yosemite Public Beta, Developer Preview 8

Apple today released the third Yosemite public beta for beta testers, following the release of the second Yosemite public beta on August 21. Developer Preview 8 has also been released for developers, two weeks after the seventh Developer Preview was released.

The software update can be downloaded through the software update function of the Mac App Store, and developers can also download DP 8 from the Mac Developer Center.

It is possible given the release timing that both versions of Yosemite, DP 8 and the new public beta, are the same. The public beta will also include updates from Developer Preview 7, which included a new look for Dark Mode, several tweaked icons, and the removal of the "Software Update" option from the main Apple menu.

Apple is expected to release OS X Yosemite to the general public later this year, possibly following an October event that may introduce new iPads.

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70 months ago

are the software engineers that bad that they gotta have this many dp preview?

I know, right? And coding an OS update is SUCH a simple task, after all. Ridiculous really.
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70 months ago

Planning to stay on Mavericks for a long time even when Yosemite is released.
I don't like the 2D dock on Yosemite or the other UI changes (which you can't change AFAIK).

The 2D dock is one of my favorite things...I HATE the 3D dock and was upset when they removed the ability to enable "no glass" from the terminal to get a 2D dock (under Mavericks).
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70 months ago
They've finally fixed the look of the Help menu bar item in Dark mode
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70 months ago

Here's a positive, Safari seems more responsive and overall faster speeds.

It sounds like it feel snappier?
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70 months ago
I had hoped that the Finder navigation buttons would be fixed in DP8 but unfortunately they have not been. :(

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70 months ago

Linux vs OSX? Lets be real. Do you want a OS for work or play? Nothing will ever replace my primary Linux machine for work.

Let's actually be honest. The only thing Linux beats OS X in work related aspects is for Electrical/Computer engineering, open source obsessed computer scientists/programmers, sysadmins, and the occasional customization crazed neckbeard who had too much time to learn exclusively not to use a GUI. Otherwise, OS X and Windows are better for real work. :P
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70 months ago

some of you act like 15 year olds..

Maybe because some of them ARE 15 year olds.
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70 months ago
DP8 = build 14A361c
PB3 = build 14A361p
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70 months ago
Surprised to see so little new changes.

All I have currently found was System Preferences "Show All" has been changed with the back and forward button as well as "Top Sites" button from Safari.

As well as new low battery indicator.
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70 months ago

if they are trying to attract enterprise customers... the smile needs to be more... subtle.

is this a joke? :confused:
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