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Phil Schiller Tweets Link to Another Security Report Criticizing Android

Last year, Apple executive Phil Schiller tweeted a link to a research report that noted significant growth in mobile malware, particularly on Android. The report found that Android accounted for 79 percent of mobile threats, with just 0.7 percent attacking iOS.

Today, Schiller followed up, tweeting a link to Cisco's 2014 Annual Security Report. The report, which came out late last week, notes that while overall vulnerabilities are highest since tracking began in 2000, 99 percent of all mobile malware targeted Android devices -- leaving iOS devices relatively unscathed thanks to Apple's controlling mobile ecosystem.

The report does note that many mobile users encounter phishing or other social engineering websites, something that Apple's security protocols won't necessarily protect users from.
Not all mobile malware is designed to target specific devices, however. Many encounters involve phishing, likejacking, or other social engineering ruses, or forcible redirects to websites other than expected. An analysis of user agents by Cisco TRAC/SIO reveals that Android users, at 71 percent, have the highest encounter rates with all forms of web-delivered malware, followed by Apple iPhone users with 14 percent of all web malware encounters.
Cisco Research
Other than that specific mention of social engineering -- and that spam messages mention Apple Gift Cards -- the Cisco report does not mention Apple or the Mac or iOS at all. The tweet is likely part of a larger push by Apple to share more favorable third-party reports about the company and its products.

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54 months ago

What kind of malware is on an iPhone that isn't jailbroken?

- Chrome
- Google Maps
- Google Mail
- Google Earth
- Google+
- Google Translate
- Google Drive.
Rating: 44 Votes
54 months ago
Security through obscurity! The only reason iOS isn't targeted is because it's such a small market share.

OH WAIT! That argument doesn't work any more for Apple devices.
Rating: 31 Votes
54 months ago

Are we going to get an article every time Phil tweets something?

@PhilSchiller: "I just ate a donut"

Article: Phil Schiller teases the iDonut
Rating: 23 Votes
54 months ago
We all know Android has security problems. That is just childish now.
Rating: 17 Votes
54 months ago
Since when do we compare operating system versus hardware? Android should be compare to iOS. iPhones, iPads and iPods should all be in the same category.
Rating: 12 Votes
54 months ago
I think if Phil made the list a bit shorter it would help drive home the point he is making. :D

Rating: 11 Votes
54 months ago
The OS itself is a malware. Or even a flashlight apps needs to access phonebook, messages, internet connection, photos, phone number, etc.
Rating: 10 Votes
54 months ago
Methinks he doth protest too much...
Rating: 9 Votes
54 months ago
Are we going to get an article every time Phil tweets something?
Rating: 9 Votes
54 months ago
When you're cocky like that, you have way more pressure to not have security flaws yourself, otherwise everyone's going to mock the irony, like that Tim Cook "Double down on secrecy" thing, but even worse. I'm not sure it's worth taking the risk of this firing back.
Rating: 9 Votes

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