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Find My Friends Updated With iOS 7 Redesign

Apple has released a newly updated version of its Find My Friends app with an iOS 7-inspired redesign. The app was Apple's last consumer-focused app to receive a redesign for iOS 7, though iAd Gallery and iTunes Connect retain their old look-and-feel.

Other than the new design, Find My Friends does not appear to have any new features.

Last week, Apple released updated versions of iBooks and iTunes U with similar redesigns.

Find My Friends is a free download for the iPhone and iPad from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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43 months ago
Rating: 31 Votes
43 months ago
Nice. My gf can stalk me in a prettier screens.
Rating: 18 Votes
43 months ago
This app needs just one more thing to be perfect for me: Integration with Siri to ask "when will my wife be home?". I can see her on the map and guess based on location, but with traffic and whatnot, it's not super accurate. Apple has all the information to do that already. It knows where she is and how long it would take her to reach the home address while factoring in traffic. Someone just needs to put it all together.
Rating: 17 Votes
43 months ago


Was going to post this too. It's overdue. Looks much better than all the leather.
Rating: 13 Votes
43 months ago
RIP SCEUMORPHISM. You will be remembered for many generations to come.
Rating: 10 Votes
43 months ago

Even though no one ever wants to add me because they think it's creepy :(

Or.. they think I'm creepy!?

EDIT: Just played with it. Very nice!

EDITx2: Being able to notify someone that you've left or arrived is, I believe, a new feature.
Rating: 9 Votes
43 months ago

Yes that would be a new feature, I do not recall ever being able to choose to notify followers when I arrived/left, they would have to do that themselves on their app.

No, that's been there since last year.

Anyway, the real story is that the app still stays on the screen without being stitched to it with cheap leather. Take that, Scott Forestall! Never thought that would work, did you?
Rating: 9 Votes
43 months ago
Cant wait to start seeing this happening on OS X apps like Messages for example. It just looks so dated now. Perhaps the next OS X release will incorporate a refreshed GUI (I like the iOS 7 design a lot. I realize this comment may not sit well with others!)
Rating: 8 Votes
43 months ago
Best app for a parent...

This app is by far the most useful tool for a parent. Check where your kids are at any time of the day/night.

My rule is, I pay the phone bill- this app will be installed.
It's not a matter of trust either, it can be a very useful safety tool as well.
Rating: 7 Votes
43 months ago

This just screams creepy to me...

I think it's funny how most people simply default to (or knee jerk reaction) is that this is "creppy" or "i don't want my gf/bf to follow me", without thinking twice about the possible purpose of application like this.

In my case, I work 100 miles away, I spend one and half hours on the high way every day (one way). This app gives my wife a peace of mind knowing that I'm on my way back or still "moving", and was not one of the 19 cars that was involved in the accident last week which resulted in two death.

Laugh all you want, but I think it's sad people are no longer able to think in other people's situation.
Rating: 7 Votes

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