Apple Releases OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 8

Apple has seeded the eighth Developer Preview of OS X Mavericks to developers, nearly two weeks after the release of the seventh Developer Preview. Registered developers can receive the update via the Software Update tool in the Mac App Store.

OS X Mavericks, which is expected to be released this fall, includes multiple new features like a tabbed Finder, full screen dual monitor capabilities, Safari improvements, and a new Maps app.

Apple is reportedly targeting a late October launch for OS X Mavericks.

Update: As noted by 9to5Mac, Developer Preview 8 includes an updated version of iTunes 11.1 that adds an option to turn off song change notifications.

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83 months ago
I'm more excited for this than iOS 7.
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83 months ago

How it it Microsoft's problem if Apple made incompatible changes in a minor release?

Apple breaks things right and left - and the fans always blame the third parties for Apple's screw-ups.

It's not Apple's job to make sure other's software works. They change the OS to how they want, then others fix their software to work with it. It's the same with Windows, so don't get your panties in a wad.
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83 months ago

It *is* Apple's job to support an API that Apple has published for developers.

Wrong, we are talking about BETA software here, it's not up to Apple to make sure anything is compatible with exception of their own stuff upon release.
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83 months ago
can we get a GM so that the new mac pro's will come out
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83 months ago
Added more 27" Retina wallpapers .... interesting...

So a Retina iMac:apple: or a Retina TB Display is on the way...
Rating: 7 Votes
83 months ago

iMacs and pro?

Haswell MBP :o
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83 months ago
549 MB update thru the App store. :)

No seed notes in the dev. center.... yet [ as of 5:23 pm Mountain Time ]

Build : (13A584)

Notes and Known Issues


- Network migration from earlier versions of OS X requires the Migration Update for Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion, available from the Mac Dev Center.
- Migration from Windows requires Windows Migration Assistant, available from the Mac Dev Center.


- Moving a full-screen Aperture window to a secondary display may prevent the app window from being visible in subsequent attempts to use full screen.
- In Full Screen in Aperture, some menus and thumbnails aren’t immediately available until interacted with by the user.
- When in Full Screen in Aperture, the toolbar at the top of the window may not be usable until it is locked.
- Purchased music may not show cover art in Preview. To resolve, run the following command in Terminal: qlmanage -r cache
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83 months ago

Do you know what an API is?

Clearly you don't. Whether it is Public or Private Frameworks Apple and then NeXT has never made it a policy to accommodate the whims of present app developers needs as they modernize and move forward their OS.

Certain developing houses have always received special early releases before the first public beta. It is always clear to the developer(s) when frameworks are removed and/or replaced with new ones that they get on board or extend their own code base to maintain legacy interaces.

The point of Frameworks is for any application to leverage first the OS Frameworks and where they are removed or have never existed include their own additional Frameworks to keep their application working.

Consistently, it has been proven in Software Engineering that relying on legacy frameworks is a dead end road.
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83 months ago

The statement is self-contradictory.

I agree that betas are designed to help find and fix these screw-ups before release. But they you say that Apple has no obligation to make the release compatible with any third party apps.

Which is it?

OT - but a moron who has done more for liberty and freedom than anyone since Daniel Ellsberg (

Do you know what an OS is for? It's so the third parties can write apps for a common system that interfaces with hardware. Sure it would be nice for Apple to keep things compatible 100% of the time but it's up to the developers to update their apps. Its not Apple's job to find all incompatibilities and change the OS to accommodate thousands of apps. It's up to the developer to find incompatibilities and accommodate it to ONE common OS.
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83 months ago
Still no GM...
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