Apple Targeting Late October for OS X Mavericks Launch

mavericks_icons_stackApple is currently planning a late October launch for OS X Mavericks, according to a report from 9to5Mac.
The late-October Mavericks release is planned so Apple could focus the majority of its software engineering resources on pushing out iOS 7 alongside the new iPhone hardware over the next couple of weeks.
For its past two major OS X updates, Apple has released the new software the day after an earnings release, and the report notes that the company could follow a similar pattern with Mavericks. Apple will release its September quarter earnings in late October, aligning with the rumored Mavericks launch timeframe.

Apple's other major operating system update, iOS 7, is set to arrive later this month alongside new iPhone hardware. The new iPhones are expected to be introduced at Apple's media event scheduled for next Tuesday, and based on Apple's previous patterns iOS 7 could launch to the public roughly a week later. The iPad version of iOS 7 may, however, be held back slightly and launched aside new iPad hardware within the next several months.

Update: AllThingsD has confirmed that Mavericks will be released in late October.

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83 months ago

Kinda wish they'd get more people on the development teams just so that Mac OS X isn't always placed on the back burner when it comes to iOS. I know iOS & Mac OS X share a lot of code, but there are so many things that can only be done on Mac OS X.

Until Apple adds the important producer apps on the iPad (Xcode, iBooks Author, etc.) and a few other things (multiuser support), I'm tired of iOS getting all the glory. I know iOS devices sell better, but maybe that's because Apple somewhat neglects everything else.

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83 months ago

Hey! They promised us Mavericks on September 10! What the??!

Nope. They said this fall.
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83 months ago
I hope no one's surprised by this. Mavericks will be released alongside the new MacPro, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini.

I believe the new iPads will also be released alongside the new Macs.
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83 months ago

That's not Apple saying that. That is a blog saying it will come September 10.
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83 months ago
Sept 10th date suddenly became completely irrelevant.
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83 months ago
Nice, I can't wait. I'm looking forward to iBooks on my MBP
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83 months ago
iOS 7 and OS 10.9 are not vaporware and they are not late. Both were introduced at a developers conference and developer builds have been seeded regularly ever since. Apple has to announce/preview software so that developers have time to ready their software.

Most customers just use their Apple computers / devices and don't get hung up on the specific release dates of software. We MacRumors members are a special group. :cool:
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83 months ago

Hey! They promised us Mavericks on September 10! What the??!

Where did "They" say that?
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83 months ago

Apple is becoming very good at vaporware - The new Mac Pro, OS X 10.9, iOS 7 for iPad... all coming after very long delays.

OK, maybe I'm not being very fair, but nonetheless it seems like there has been a very long gap between significant Apple product/software releases.

I don't think you know what vaporware really means. Talking about delays implies that a release date existed and it was postponed. This is not the case.

There are no delays, there is no vaporware.
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83 months ago

wow, Late October?

Steve Jobs must be so Proud up in the iCloud...

I guess it's not Apple Computers Inc anymore... it's iPods and everything iOS related including iTunes company now.

Yes, I imagine he would be very proud. If Apple was primarily about desktop computing right now, I'd be very surprised if the company still existed. The company he rescued is about to score a home run and continues to innovate, evolve and set it's own pace of development in a world of knee jerk copycat products and 'jump the gun' products (samsung gear with a 14" phone anyone?!)

Apple is a technology company. That's why Apple is relevant in 2013. So a desktop OS comes a few weeks later than a mobile OS and this makes you double guess what a dead man would think?

How about a little perspective?


Uh, just take a deep breath and relax... no need to be insulting. If you really use iBooks work, good for you , it will be a nice addition.

Nothing in my post was insulting or levelled at anyone at a personal level. I'm entirely calm.
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