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'Deus Ex: The Fall' Prevents Players With Jailbroken iOS Devices From Firing Guns

Gamers with jailbroken iOS devices who have purchased or otherwise acquired the new game Deus Ex: The Fall are running into a problem when they attempt to play: they can't fire any guns, a key part of the game.

Reports Kotaku:
Encountered by Redditor KipEnyan and verified by several user reviews in the app store, jailbroken players starting up the first mobile installment of the Deus Ex series are treated to a few cutscenes and a movement tutorial before running into the message above. It comes up during the game's shooting tutorial, and while one would assume players could still stealth through the game, I'm not sure they can progress beyond that point without tranquilizing those guards.
Eidos and N-Fusion, the development firms behind Deus Ex: The Fall likely implemented the measure to deter piracy, as jailbreaking is a requirement to pirate software, though not all users who jailbreak choose to pirate software.

As a result, users who choose to jailbreak for other reasons but pay for their software get caught in the same net as the pirates. It's not the first time that developers have resorted to similar tactics to stop pirates, although it is unusual for such a high-profile developer to target not just pirates but all jailbroken users.

Earlier this year the publisher of Game Dev Tycoon encoded features into the game that would bankrupt players who didn't pay for their copies, while DirecTV prevents users with jailbroken devices from using its app at all.

Deus Ex: The Fall is available on iPhone and iPad for $6.99 from the App Store. [Direct Link]

Update: An unconfirmed source has indicated that the anti-jailbreak code was included in Deus Ex: The Fall at the request of publisher Square Enix and that an update is in the works to remove it.

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80 months ago
This won't be a popular comment, however I can't say I feel sorry for those who jailbroke yet still want to use legit software from the app store.

All my friends with Android devices went and jailbroke their devices just so they could play pirated software.
Rating: 69 Votes
80 months ago
Ugh... there are legitimate reasons for jailbreaking...
Rating: 43 Votes
80 months ago
Things like this are going to cause MORE piracy... let me explain:

I'm jailbroken but do not pirate apps. If more and more apps start doing this, then before spending my money, I will want to check that there are no dumb restrictions like this, therefore making me WANT to pirate to make sure I'm actually getting what I paid for.

I bought XCOM and LOVE it. Had no problems with the $19.99 price tag. But what if that game had done this?? I would have been more than upset and never purchased another game from that company again.
Rating: 28 Votes
80 months ago
Wow, that sucks. And I was going to buy it too. Thanks! you just saved me $7 :D
Rating: 27 Votes
80 months ago

Can't say I feel sorry for those who jailbroke yet still want to use legit software from the app store.

All my friends with Android devices went and jailbroke their devices just so they could play pirated software.

As the post says, not all who jailbreak or root pirate.
Rating: 27 Votes
80 months ago
This is worse than DRM. No one should buy this game to show that developers can't ruin the experience to prevent a few pirates. Jail breaking is totally legal, and needed for some functions.

No matter how good iOS gets I'll have a need for 3G unrestrictor.
Rating: 27 Votes
80 months ago

No, but I bet there are a large portion who do.

A portion of people who drive cars do so to use them as a getaway vehicle for a crime - therefore should we ban driving?

There are far more reasons to jailbreak than pirating. In fact, I don't actually know anybody who pirates to steal apps (as a general rule of thumb, somebody who spends £600 on a phone isn't likely to be worried about a few $0.99 apps).
Rating: 18 Votes
80 months ago
This is BS...

I jailbreak because I want a better iOS, not because I want to save $1 on software... Most of the stuff I use on my iPhone 5 is paid for and some other stuff is free. I am not going to waste time pirating. You can also pirate software with a legit iTunes account. Just login with your iTunes account on a different iOS Device and redownload all your software for free. One account, hundreds of devices that can have the single purchase Apps.:mad:
Rating: 15 Votes
80 months ago
thank goodness there is a JB for people to get what they want from their iOS and if they want to make a choice for you then make a choice not to buy their products.

JB does not = theft. not sure who the guy above hangs out with that does it to steal but most people i know just want the simple features like attaching something to an email etc... that should be there in the first place.
Rating: 13 Votes
80 months ago
I can only see this hurting their sales.
Rating: 11 Votes

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