500px Updated with Performance Enhancements and Flow for iPad

500px has updated its universal 500px iOS app, adding functionality that allows users to see who they follow and who follows them, along with stability and speed improvements.

The iPad version of the app also comes equipped with Flow, a popular feature that was previously limited to the iPhone. Flow offers up a stream of photos that friends in the app have liked, favorited, or commented on.

-Flow for iPad - A stream of amazing photos that your friend's like and favourite!

-Following & Followers - See a list of all the people that you follow and who follow you!

-Stability & Speed - We've spent a lot of time focussing on stability and speed. Expect a faster experience on all devices!
500px previously made headlines when its iOS app was pulled from the App Store for including nude photos, though it was later returned to the store after adding content warnings to the app.

500px can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]