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New Photos of Claimed Next-Generation iPhone Parts Include Display Shield

French site points [Google translation] to several new photos of what are claimed to be parts for the next-generation iPhone. While a number of the parts are similar to those that have previously been seen, including a SIM card tray leaked earlier this week that appears to have come from the same company, one notable addition in the lower left of today's photos is what appears to be the protection shield that will attach to the back of the new iPhone's larger 4-inch display.

Other parts include the home buttons and front panel that have been seen a number of times previously, as well as flex cables for the device's sensors and external buttons and switches at the top left of the photos.

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72 months ago
In B4 the non-believer - in denial - "Why a taller iPhone???!!!?!!!?" crowd shows up.

MacRumor crowd lately:
"Why a taller iPhone?"
"I am still hoping for a 4.3 wider iPhone!!!"
"It looks like the 4S! I want a dramatic redesign!"
"It doesn't look comfortable!"
"Tim is doubling down on secrecy! These are fakes!"
"Why is the headphone jack on the bottom? That's so stupid and asymmetrical!"
"The design is awful! I'll be sticking with my 3GS!"
"Steve NEVER would have allowed this!"
"I am getting an Android phone!"
"This is all some kind of trick to throw us off of the real design!"

Launch Day:
Rating: 131 Votes
72 months ago
These leaks can't possibly be of a new iPhone! They're all fake. Tim said he's doubling down on secrecy. Bring on the totally new extremely different iPhone!

Rating: 18 Votes
72 months ago
If, like many people say, this is NOT the iPhone (Parts) to be released but a "purpose" leak and Apple turns out to magically display a different device, I think I'll be shocked/amazed by Tim Cook's doubling down on secrecy method... :x
Rating: 16 Votes
72 months ago
Rating: 13 Votes
72 months ago
iphone 6 leak:

its gonna be so awesome.
Rating: 12 Votes
72 months ago
Apple's Pitfall

Hey Apple,

If you're going to accuse Samsung of copying you, you need to be prepared for Activison to sue you for copying the main character from Pitfall for the parts in your iPhone.:)

Rating: 10 Votes
72 months ago
" LEAKS your kidding me. We doubled down on secrecy, we have our best guy on it"

Rating: 10 Votes
72 months ago
Looks good to me! It's really not that much different than the current 4/4S so the taller/sky is falling people should sit down.

Rating: 9 Votes
72 months ago

Looks good to me! It's really not that much different than the current 4/4S so the taller/sky is falling people should sit down.

Image (

We heard the same story with the iPhone 4 leaks.
- Oh so ugly
- No way this is a Ive design
- Too rough for Apple
- Controlled leak
- Blah blah blah
- More wah whaaa whaaaa!

It is going to be anther beauty.
Rating: 9 Votes
72 months ago
There weren't enough watermarks on the photo so I fixed it for you.
Rating: 9 Votes

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