Apple Issues Update to OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3

Apple issued a software update for OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 this evening. Apple released Developer Preview 3 to developers. The update brings the build number of Mountain Lion up to 12A193i (from 12A178q).
If you already have Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 installed, choose Software Update from the Apple menu to download the update from the Mac App Store. Download Xcode 4.4 Developer Preview 4 from the Mac Dev Center to continue building apps for Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 Update.
One change noted by 9to5Mac is the addition of a "Do Not Disturb" setting to Mountain Lion's Notifications Center:

Besides the Notification Center, Mountain Lion also borrows a number of other features from iOS, such as Reminders, Messages, and Game Center. Apple first previewed Mountain Lion back in February and promises deliver to customers in late summer 2012.

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102 months ago
Option to ungroup windows is now in Mission Control preference pane. This should make a lot of people happy.
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102 months ago


Highly informative picture.
Good inclusion to this news story.
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102 months ago

There's one thing I have started to hate about Apple - Bad UI design.

I mean - we have great UI experts at Apple and some of the UI elements on OS X and iOS are just so bad-looking.

Just look at the volume bar or status bar on iOS, notification centre on iPad and OS X, now this switch button with the exact same UI from iOS, the whole final cut pro in helvetica.

There's something wrong going on in 1 Infinite Loop. Apple needs to come up with much more innovating and better looking UI designs even those these ones solve a purpose and do it just fine. It's all we Apple geeks have craved for years - great UI design and its implementation.

The only real issue I have with Apple's new GUIs is the amount of gray impeding on what used to be a colorful OS. That was certainly a harsh jump from Snow Leopard to Lion. Other than color, I don't really see a decline in GUI quality from Apple. I would certainly feel different if Apple's new OS booted up to a bunch of squares, however. *cough*Windows 8*cough*

Some pro-Apple people on this forum are seriously butthurt over any critical comments made. Sad thing, is they fail to understand that this is for our benefit as well as for Apple.

This was used to be a constructive forum - now its just people getting butthurt over any critical comments made on Apple or Apple products. Grow up.

Or perhaps they just disagree with you. After all, this is an Apple-oriented forum, so one could safely assume that most users on here enjoy the look and feel of Apple products.
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102 months ago

Could u please post a preview where is lets say more windows from one app so we will see "ungrouped" windows ?:)

Thank you!

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102 months ago

Yea, Im still on 10.6, too and my only hope since dev version of Lion was to get back Expose.

Expose in 10.6 is already wrong. Last really useful Expose was in 10.5. In 10.6 they added windows scaling, which is disorienting (big Safari window is displayed in the same size as little download window, making it hard to quickly find the one I'm looking for). Mission Control in Lion was in fact a step in right direction: windows aren't scaled any more. And now in ML it's back to the old, real Expose: not scaled windows, all visible at the same time.

Can't wait for the release!
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102 months ago
There is now an option to use Spaces instead of Mission Control, amazing!
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102 months ago
I've noticed a few new things.

1. The recent items list is now more compact. You can no longer have different numbers of recent items for documents, apps and servers.

2. Preview seems to have iCloud integration now, Maybe this could be used to store images more permanently than Photo Stream?

3. New sharing optons in Preview. I think Flickr, add to iPhoto and add to Aperture are new.

4. Launchpad is missing most of my applications, and it looks pixelated, or blown-up. I can't pinch to reduce the size of the icons.

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102 months ago

could u post a preview, please?!



Some preview, please, pleaseeee! :eek::eek::eek:

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102 months ago

What is that icon after Spotlight, anyone have any ideas?

That's the notifications drawer icon (but in do not disturb mode).

Also, I think no body mentioned this, but you can activate the notification drawer via a drag from left gesture with 2 fingers (trackpads). It only activates if you are doing the gesture from the edge of the trackpad, so as to keep the 2 finger swipe gestures working correctly most of the time (except when you really want to get the notifications drawer out).

Works well in practice.
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102 months ago

Options are always good.

Agreed. I'm one of those who absolutely loves Mission Control. It's far more useful to me than Expose + Spaces and I'd be recluctant to go back to pre-10.7 because of this. That said, I completely understand why people would prefer the old system, as it was much easier to have a dedicated and precise workflow set up and I really hope Apple continues in this trend. It's great to have new features, and I really look forward to ML but the more flexibility we have the better.
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