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Apple Releases OS X 10.7.3 with New Language Support and Bug Fixes

Apple today released OS X 10.7.3, the third maintenance update to OS X Lion. The update is available via Software Update and Apple's download pages.
The 10.7.3 update is recommended for all OS X Lion users and includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac including fixes that:

- Add Catalan, Croatian, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, and Ukrainian language support
- Address issues when using smart cards to log into OS X
- Resolve issues authenticating with directory services
- Address compatibility issues with Windows file sharing
Detailed information is available in the full full release notes.

Available versions includes:

- OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 (Client) (997.01 MB)
- OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 (Client Combo) (1.2 GB)

- OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 (Server) (1 GB)
- OS X Lion Update 10.7.3 (Server) Combo (1.34 GB)
- Server Admin Tools 10.7.3 (202.59 MB)

Apple has also released Security Update 2012-001 to bring security fixes to users running systems with Mac OS X Snow Leopard:

- Security Update 2012-001 (Snow Leopard) (192.73 MB)
- Security Update 2012-001 Server (Snow Leopard) (212.09 MB)

Finally, Apple has also released Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.2 Client (3.75 MB) to address issues with screen sharing.

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101 months ago
Still no iMessage support :(

It better be in 10.7.4
Rating: 30 Votes
101 months ago
Can anyone confirm that it doesn't fix any of the issue that you actually want fixed?
Rating: 28 Votes
101 months ago
Did they bring back the fine-grade volume controls (shift-option-volume up/down)?
Rating: 14 Votes
101 months ago

Why do people ask this? It never made any sense to me, as there's nothing you can do about it. It's just another name/number for 10.7.3. :confused:

Because developers have had many builds to .X updates, and sometimes (rarely) the final release is a different build than the latest release developers currently have installed. So if it is a different build than 11D50 it may be of interest to some to know. It's not a dumb question :)
Rating: 14 Votes
101 months ago
Safari feels snappier , sorry :o
Rating: 9 Votes
101 months ago
I do wonder why I hear of so many issues with Lion, yet I've had absolutely none of them. I use Lion on my Macbook Pro and it runs amazingly well.

I still have my complaints, like Mission Control sucking compared to Exposé and full screen support being broken on multiple monitors, but as far as the OS functioning correctly as designed, it has been for me.

Maybe there's some common software you are all running that causes these problems. There has to be a direct, tangible reason you have issues, since there are people like myself without them.

I have to admit Lion has disappointed me greatly. I have encountered so many lockups and performance issues since it was released. And worryingly it seems Apple has no idea how to fix them.

Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago
Blimey. At this rate, we'll be at 10.7.10 by the end of the year. :p
Rating: 8 Votes
101 months ago
OMG Safai is snappier

SAFARI IS SNAPier! It really does...
Well ... I haven't tried it... but I have a feeling.
Rating: 7 Votes
101 months ago

Three updates to Lion now, I reckon it's time to jump from Snow Leopard :)

Don't if you have to manage Mac OS X Servers 10.5 or 10.6!

The Server Admin Tools were broke in the 10.7 betas, 10.7 final, 10.7.1, and 10.7.2. I don't have very high hopes for 10.7.3. :(
Rating: 7 Votes
101 months ago

Hopefully 10.7.4 is the meaty update with new GPU drivers, restoration of broken features, quashing bugs and speed boosts.

At the risk of NDA issues, as an ADC member who has been using .3 beta's (and soon .4), I can confidently state, wait for .5... or .6... or... ;)
Rating: 6 Votes

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