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Cupertino Certain to Approve Apple's Spaceship Campus

The City of Cupertino has responded to Apple's stunning new campus proposal. In the statement, Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong states "there is no chance we are saying no" to the new Apple campus. Apple proposal will still have to go through an environmental and a public hearing, but Wong says they are willing to bring on more staff to accommodate the process.

Apple's Steve Jobs spoke to the Cupertino City Council earlier this week about the new 4-story building which is expected to be completed in 2015. Jobs described it as a spaceship-like structure that will be able to hold 12,000 employees. Jobs also focused on the positive impact of the new campus which will increase the number of trees and landscaping.

Progress of the project can be followed at where they've also posted a PDF of Jobs' presentation slides.

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107 months ago
Microsoft responds to Apple with new HQ design

Excellent Thex1138!

Microsoft responds with its own design:

Rating: 22 Votes
107 months ago
I dare you to count the number of times Gilbert Wong says "uh."
Rating: 12 Votes
107 months ago
Steve-Luc Jobs

Engage... :D
Rating: 12 Votes
107 months ago
They'd be fools not to. This will become one of the world's most iconic buildings while allowing more workers and business to come to Cupertino.
Rating: 10 Votes
107 months ago
Cupertino: "So you want to build a new campus, whats in it for us?"
Jobs: "Uh... we pay taxes?"
Cupertino: "How about free Wi-Fi?"
Jobs: "How about no?"
Cupertino: "Ok, how about an Apple Retail Store?"
Jobs: "In this po-dunk town? Fat chance!"
Rating: 10 Votes
107 months ago
Parking will be in The Cloud.
Rating: 9 Votes
107 months ago

Cupertino has over 50% Asian demographics

I don't think the guy you were responding to questioned Wong's mayoral credentials due to his Asian heritage, but rather because he's a bumbling, fawning, fool.
Rating: 8 Votes
107 months ago
Dude: How would you imagine Cupertino without apple?

Mayor: Uh, I really hope the best of Apple and with their new products announced I hope that uh they do well with them.

Dude: Yes but how do you see Cupertino without apple?

Mayor: Yes with their new uh iCloud they just announced, yes I believe they are great for this city.
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107 months ago

Uh..The city of Cupertino is excited! uh..what about you?
uh why are you asking so many uh questions?
uh cant you guys see how much uh $$ we can get from uh Apple?

uh may be uh I cannot explain you uh better as I have not yet completed my uh public speaking course!

uh uh uh uh uh
Rating: 6 Votes
107 months ago

Where exactly will Apple's employees work while the structure is being built?

In chicken coops... uhm, they're building it in a new location, jeez. Not on top of the old location. READ.
Rating: 5 Votes

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