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50% of iPad Magazine Subscribers Allow Apple to Pass Info to Publishers

Last week, Forbes writer Jeff Bercovici asked what was it that changed that prompted Hearst and Conde Nast to suddenly agree to Apple's terms for iPad magazine subscriptions. The answer turned out to be surprisingly simple. Publishers had previously argued that the lack of subscriber information from iPad subscriptions was even a bigger hurdle than the 30% revenue share. Instead of automatically sharing the data, Apple asks individual subscribers to opt in. As it turns out, up to 50% of users agree.

Initially, publishers were worried, reasonably enough, that users would overwhelmingly say no. But they don't. In fact, about 50 percent opt in.

Apple's Eddy Cue confirmed the figure according to Bercovici. The author credits the trust in the App Store as the reason for the high opt-in rate.

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108 months ago
At least it tells you it wants to, and gives you the option to say "No".

Nothing sinister, it's being open and honest.
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108 months ago
Options are good

I think it's good being given the option. Certain products I like or trust, and don't mind providing my info for more communications.
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108 months ago
I'd say no.
Rating: 2 Votes
108 months ago
not me
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108 months ago

I think the "yes" rate is high just because people don't read the message. They probably just think it's another "Location" prompt and press "Agree" without even reading...

I would say "no" for sure... =P

would be pretty weird for a magazine to ask you for your location.

I usually answer "No" for most questions, even location prompt. Unless it'a a GPS app.
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108 months ago
Publishers just might survive after all

Magazine publishers made most of their money by selling their subscribers' demographic data to ad agencies. Back in the day when people actually subscribed to physical magazines. If enough suckers, er, subscribers say "yes" then maybe there's hope for old school publishers after all.
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108 months ago

Only Grade-A suckers do something for free. If they want my demographic data, then I want something in return (e.g. 20% off). It's business, don't ask for something of value and not offer something in return. Same thing with paperless billing, The only time I have agreed in the past was when I received a credit or gift certificate in return.

You know, thinking about your statement, Apple really deserves kudos. They have 100's of million names and info and yet, do nothing with it to my knowledge. Obviously they do have some opt in things, but buying a Mac or having an iTunes account dosent translate into junk mail.

It will be interesting to see how Google does overtime since all their free OS's are supported by ad sales.
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108 months ago

Why would anyone give them this info - you are just lining the pubs pockets when they sell your info to others.

You hate everything don't you?

Like it or not advertising pays for most of our entertainment. Everything from sports to TV to movies. What's the big deal? Ignore what you don't like and pay attention to what you want.

Personally I don't care. Send me all the crap you want. Some of it I may actually care about. No harm, no foul.

I wish people here would grow up about companies trying to make money. It's what companies do. But just because they do something that makes them money does not make them evil. Geech. :rolleyes:
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108 months ago
Yes, I click allow because I'd love to receive advertising and countless hard to unsubscribe emails from companies I've never heard of because they've sold my name, email and address. ;)

At least I get free paper ads in the mail that I can use for the pet cage.
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108 months ago

Apple insists that you be presented with that choice up front.

Apple is standing up for the user's rights in this case, and I applaud their approach.

And yes, I say 'No' when asked, but thank you for at least asking.

Hi NebulaClas,

According to the recent court hearings, Apple took information that users did not agree to share, so thats stealing correct?

stealingpresent participle of steal (Verb)
1. Take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it: "thieves stole her bicycle"; "she was found guilty of stealing from her employers"; "stolen goods".
2. Dishonestly pass off (another person's ideas) as one's own.

What took place Tuesday at least my impression was that Sen. Franken was standing up for all americans, Justice for all and not just Google or Apple., Also, they did not take sides,

Why would you not agree what congress is trying to do for you as well, they did not wish to shut down Google or Apple, they just asked them to iron this out, it is all a warning though, they have a month and if they try to even do the same thing it will come back to them later and turn into a disaster.
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