15/17-Inch MacBook Pro Specs: AMD GPU, Quad Core i7 CPUs

Apple Stores are down for updates. Here are leaks of some of the new 15" and 17" MacBook Pros. These images are from Mac-TV.de but have been confirmed. Apple has included Quad core CPUs into the 15" and 17" MacBook Pros for the first time.

1. 17" Display. 2.2Ghz Quad i7. 4GB 1333MHz RAM. 750GB 5400 RPM HD. AMD 6750 1GB. 1920x1200

2. 15" Display. 2.0GHz Quad i7. 4GB 1333MHz RAM. 500GB 5400 RPM HD. AMD 6490 256MB. 1440x900

We're still compiling the rest of the data which appears to be:

3. 15" Display. 2.2GHz Quad i7.
4. 13" Display. 2.7GHz Dual i5. 4GB RAM. 500GB HD.
5. 13" Display. 2.3GHz Dual i5. 4GB RAM. 320GB HD.

The full part numbers are listed here, provided by Mr.X. All models ship within 24 hours.

MC700LL/A - MBP 13.3/2.3/2X2GB/320/SD-USA
MC724LL/A - MBP 13.3/2.7/2X2GB/500/SD-USA
MC721LL/A - MBP 15.4/2.0/2X2GB/500/SD/GLSY-USA
MC723LL/A -MBP 15.4/2.2/2X2GB/750/SD/GLSY-USA
MC725LL/A - MBP 17/2.2/2X2GB/750/SD/GLSY-USA

No prices yet, but we expect the Apple Store to come back up by 8:30am eastern.