Skyfire Rakes in Nearly $1 Million in First Weekend

Last week, we reported on the launch of Skyfire Web Browser, a new browser for iOS that enables viewing of Flash video content. The app, priced at $2.99, was quickly yanked from the App Store due to its popularity overwhelming Skyfire's servers used to convert Flash content to HTML5 format, but has since returned in limited "batches" as capacity allows.

MobileCrunch notes that Skyfire pulled in gross receipts of nearly $1 million from the App Store over the app's launch weekend.

The company isn't sharing exact numbers, but they did just tell me that their download numbers for their first weekend on the store were well over 300,000. At $2.99 a pop, that works out to one hell of a bounty. SkyFire isn't walking away with that whole million, of course; Apple's going to get their 30% cut, which brings SkyFires share down to somewhere between $600-700,000.

The company has already revealed that it is working on an iPad-native version of Skyfire Web Browser, which will apparently not be released as a universal version of the existing app, as the company recommends that those who use the iPad as their primary iOS browser hold off from purchasing until the release of the iPad version.