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Skyfire to Bring Flash Video to iOS Devices

Fortune's Michael Copeland talks to Skyfire CEO Jeff Glueck reports that a new iOS application from Skyfire that converts Flash-based video to HTML5 has been approved by Apple and will go live in the App Store on Thursday. The app, which will be priced at $2.99, activates a function that allows Flash video content in the browser to be sent to Skyfire's servers, converted to HTML5, and sent back to the device for display.

The app won't translate games or other non-video content that runs in Flash, however. Still, Glueck estimates that the number of websites and videos that Skyfire will open up to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users is in the "millions."

As Apple has maintained its prohibition against Flash on the iOS platform, HTML5 has gained momentum, particularly in Web-based video. Even Adobe has demonstrated an early-stage tool for converting Flash projects to HTML5, looking to cater to developers attempting to create sites compatible with multiple platforms that do not always support Flash.