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Apple Releases 'iPad is Electric' Commercial

Apple yesterday released a new iPad commercial entitled "iPad is Electric", airing the ad on primetime television and posting it to the company's iPad site and YouTube page.

The new commercial offers the same soundtrack as several earlier ads and follows the same of theme of displaying a series of quick shots of the iPad's capabilities interspersed with corresponding single-word descriptions relevant to the "iPad is..." theme: cinematic, elementary, academic, full-size, presenting, bought, sold, fantasy, and electric.

In mid-May, Apple released its "What is iPad" commercial, harkening back to an earlier ad for the Newton nearly twenty years ago. Apple then shifted gears, however, releasing the current string of iPads with "iPad is Delicious" in mid-August and "iPad is Musical" in early September.

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115 months ago

Meh, I just want them to release iPad 2 so I can finally buy one.

Do you know when they are going to release iPad 2? I would really like to buy one and just tired of the wait.

I have a feeling you know exactly when.

Help with some advice.:D
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