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Apple Not Planning an iPhone 4 Recall

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is not planning on issuing an iPhone 4 recall at tomorrow's press conference.

Apple's iPhone 4 has been dogged by reports of antenna-reception problems since its launch last month. The company has called a news conference to discuss the issue Friday. Apple doesn't plan to recall the phone, a person familar with the matter said.

Apple engineers were apparently aware of the risks associated with the external antenna design but "Mr. Jobs liked the design so much that Apple went ahead with its development". Earlier today, a Bloomberg article similarly claimed an Apple engineer expressed concern about the design.

The iPhone 4 signal issue has exploded in the media in recent days even with New York senator Charles Schumer publishing an open letter to Steve Jobs expressing concerns about the issue. Schumer is known for his efforts in consumer protection.

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow to address the issue.