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iPhone 4 In-Hand Signal Issue Isolated to Bottom Left Corner

Earlier this evening, iPhone 4 signal drops had been reported from individuals holding their new iPhones in their hand. The issue seems to have been isolated to a specific location on the device itself. It is demonstrated well in this video by Insanely Great Mac:

The video shows that calls were consistently dropped when the iPhone 4 was held in the left hand while touching the bottom left corner.

It's not clear if the bottom-left sensitivity is a problem with every iPhone 4 or if there is only a batch of iPhone 4s that are affected. Of course, the solution for now would be to avoid holding the iPhone in the manner demonstrated.

Note: the lower number of bars on the iPhone 4 as compared to the 3GS is a known software issue. Apple told Mossberg that it would be addressed in a future software update.

Update: A couple of commenters have said they have been unable to replicate on their iPhone 4, while others have, so it may not affect every device.