Verizon Spokesman: No iPhone Plans in 'Immediate Future'

In a very brief response to a question from regarding the iPhone, Verizon spokesman John Johnson notes that the company is not planning to carry the iPhone in the "immediate future", before quickly redirecting the conversation to tout Verizon's new handset offerings.

Q: Let me ask you first of all about Verizon and the iPhone. What is happening, if anything? What is the status?

A: No one ever asks that question. (Smiles) So, no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future, but you've gotta look at the incredible excitement around the Android devices...

Johnson's comments are not much of a surprise, considering that he would be unable to divulge any such plans if they did exist, but the footage is making the rounds today as a tempering of expectations for those who might be hoping for a Verizon iPhone announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference next week. One recent report has pegged a Verizon iPhone release for as early as November given reports of the status of the manufacturing testing process with rumored manufacturer Pegatron, although many observers see a 2011 launch to be more likely.