MacBook Pro Updates Imminent (Really), Part Numbers Appear

After months of speculation, it appears Apple is finally going to deliver new MacBook Pro systems to customers. The above screenshot shows part numbers that Microcenter has received for new Mac systems. We've since received independent confirmation from another source besides Microcenter that those part numbers are real, and that we should expect new 15" and 17" MacBook Pros very soon. The image shows 4 different systems:

Apple System Good-USA $1799.99
Mac system #1 Best-USA $2199.99
Mac system #2 Best-USA $2299.99
Mac system Better-USA $1999.99

These seem to correspond with three 15" MacBook Pros and a 17" MacBook Pro ($2299.99). The new machines are likely using Intel's Core i7 and i5 mobile processors.

While previous rumors have pinpointed April 13th as the likely day, other reports we've received are less certain of that date. Regardless, we feel reasonably confident that the new MacBook Pros will come very soon.