New MacBook Pros (and Possibly MacBook Airs) Coming on April 13th?

Australian Macworld reports that it has received information claiming that Apple is set to release updated MacBook Pros and possibly MacBook Airs next Tuesday. The unidentified source of the claim is said to be "familiar with Apple product cycles and inventory levels".

The source said that an update to every MacBook Pro model was expected on Tuesday, 13 April, but was unsure about the MacBook Air. The source was also unsure of any further information regarding a local date for the iPad release, but agrees that 24 April is likely.

An update to Apple's MacBook Pro line has been expected for several months now, with several claims of imminent or "next Tuesday" releases having been made with no results. A report earlier this week indicated that new models are expected sometime this month after having been delayed slightly due to shortages of Intel's latest mobile processors.

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