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iPad SDK 3.2 Details: External Display, File Sharing System, No Multitasking

Apple has unleashed iPhone OS 3.2 SDK to developers today to prepare for the launch of the Apple iPad. The new iPhone OS 3.2 only runs on the iPad device and will not run on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The accompanying documents are said to have revealed a number of interesting features about the iPad and the latest version of the iPad operating system.

- External Display Support. iPad applications will be able to display content specifically targeted to an external display connected to the iPad via the Dock connector. This sort of external monitor support has never been allowed with the iPhone SDK.
- File Sharing. A shared file directory is provided that will mount on your Mac or PC. This is presumably how files such as iWork documents will be transferred to and from the iPad. iPad applications will be able to access this shared directory.
- No Multitasking. Only one application runs at a time according to official documentation.
- Universal Apps. There will be support for universal apps that support both iPhone and iPad.

Of course, a lot of questions remain, and we'll certainly hear more as we approach the iPad's ship date.