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Psystar Files Appeal in Apple Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Mac Clones

The Mac Observer reports that unauthorized Mac clone make Psystar has officially filed an appeal of an injunction won by Apple preventing the company from selling computer systems modified to run Mac OS X.

Psystar has officially filed its Notice of Appeal in the copyright suit it lost against Apple Inc., according to a court document obtained by The Mac Observer. The step was a formality in the appeals process, but until it was filed, it was unclear if the company would actually mount an appeal.

Psystar shut down its sales operation last month in order to comply with the December 31st deadline set in the court ruling, although it continues to sell T-shirts and ask for donations to support its cause as it proceeds through the appeals process. An initial report after the injunction was issued suggested that Psystar may have given up the fight and would be shuttered permanently, but a company lawyer quickly refuted the claim, vowing that Psystar would continue to fight on.