Reports of Psystar's Demise Appear Premature

Yesterday, we reported on a story quoting a Psystar attorney claiming that the unauthorized Mac clone manufacturer was in the process of winding down its business in the wake of a permanent injunction issued against it by a federal court judge earlier this month.

A new report from Computerworld, however, suggests that the company is not yet finished.

However, Camara told Computerworld by e-mail today, "Regrettably, Mr. Action was misquoted in an early story that seems to have been picked up elsewhere. Psystar does not intend to shut down permanently."

The earlier report had noted the Psystar was planning to file an appeal of the judgment against it, although at the time it appeared that the company would be shutting down entirely until the appeal was heard at a minimum.

Psystar has several legal moves left to make, Camara said today. "Psystar will proceed to litigate the legality of Rebel EFI through the motion process described in Judge Alsup's order," Camara said. "Psystar will also proceed with its antitrust case in Miami."

Psystar's web site, which was down for nearly two days, has been restored. The company's online store currently offers only its Rebel EFI and has eliminated all mention of hardware sales, although even the Rebel EFI software is currently listed as "out of stock".

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