MacBook Update to Be Released Alongside New iMacs?

In a follow-up post to yesterday's report that the iMac may see an update within the next several weeks, AppleInsider claims that Apple may be planning to introduce upgraded MacBooks at or around the same time.

The new models, which appear as if they could make their debut alongside a family of more versatile iMacs in the coming weeks, are expected to arrive as the most affordable notebook offerings in the Mac maker's history.

Together, the pair of refreshes should round out Apple's 2009 personal computer offerings and propel the company into the holiday shopping season with its most cost-effective lineup of Mac hardware to date.

While much of the report reiterates previously-rumored information, sources have apparently confirmed that the new MacBook will retain a white polycarbonate enclosure and that manufacturing of the new models has already begun, suggesting that the MacBook launch may come a bit sooner than previously thought.