'Layar' Augmented Reality Platform to Gain 3D Capabilities

MobileCrunch reports that Layar, one of the earliest and highest-profile augmented reality platforms for mobile devices, is in the process of adding 3D capabilities to its Android tools, opening the door for developers to offer new levels of immersive experiences.

With 3D, third-party developers can now tag real-life objects with three-dimensional text, place 3D objects on top of real-world space and create multi-sensory experiences. The general idea behind the addition of 3D capabilities to Layar is to encourage developers to create more realistic and immersive augmented reality browsing experiences for mobile devices.

Layar takes advantage of OpenGL, as well as the accelerometer, GPS, and digital compass available in compatible mobile phones, to allow developers to overlay text and graphics on video feeds from a device's camera. While currently available only for the Android platform, Layar notes that the technology is "coming soon" to the iPhone 3GS.

Additional screenshots and videos of the 3D capabilities of Layar in action can be found on the company's 3D feature page.