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Apple Releases iTunes 9.0.1

Apple today released iTunes 9.0.1 via Software Update and the iTunes download site, offering a number of bug fixes.

iTunes 9.0.1 provides a number of important bug fixes, including:

- Resolves issues browsing the iTunes Store.
- Addresses a performance issue where iTunes may become unresponsive.
- Fixes a problem where iTunes may unexpectedly quit.
- Fixes a problem syncing Podcasts in playlists to iPod or iPhone.
- Fixes a problem sorting albums with multiple discs.
- Addresses an issue with the Zoom button not switching to Mini Player.
- Improves application syncing for iPod touch and iPhone.
- Genius is now automatically updated to show Genius Mixes.

Both Mac (OS X 10.4.11 or later) and Windows (XP or Vista) versions of iTunes 9.0.1 are available.

iTunes 9 was released earlier this month at Apple's "It's Only Rock and Roll" media event in San Francisco and brings a new look to the software as well as a number of new features.