UK Retailer Offering TomTom Car Kit for Pre-Order

NaviGadget reports based on several other European sites that UK retailer Handtec is listing the TomTom GPS car mount kit for pre-order at a price of 99 plus tax. While Handtec's product page seems to claim that that the TomTom iPhone application is included in the price, it remains to be seen how the software will be accessed from the App Store after purchase.

Interwebs on the other side of Atlantic are talking about TomToms iPhone GPS navigation app and the kit that you should get (but optional) with it. It looks like an online seller is already offering both the app and the car kit (not yet in stock) for a total of 113.85 which equals to about $193.

MacRumors first received word of this listing on Handtec's site nearly a month ago, but to this point no other retailers appear to have offered up information on the much-anticipated TomTom iPhone solution to confirm or refute Handtec's pricing.