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iPhone 3G S Orders Now Shipping

A number of MacRumors readers have reported that Apple and AT&T have begun updating order statuses and providing UPS tracking numbers for their iPhone 3G S orders. In the case of orders placed with Apple, shipments are being dispatched from Shenzhen, China and are due for delivery on Friday, the official launch date for the iPhone 3G S. Orders made through AT&T are appearing as "in progress" on customers' order status pages and have been assigned tracking numbers, although the shipments do not appear to have yet been picked up by UPS.

Visible signs of AT&T's and Apple's preparations for the launch of the new iPhone, as well as the corresponding release of iPhone OS 3.0 for older devices this Wednesday, have begun appearing in the days leading up to the new releases. Over the weekend, AT&T also sold out of its initial iPhone 3G S pre-order allotment, meaning that those who wish to obtain an iPhone 3G S from AT&T on launch day will have to do so in-person at an AT&T retail store.