New iPhone and iPod Touch Details? iPod to Get Camera?

HardMac claims that they have heard some interesting tidbits about future iPhones and iPods from their sources.

- The future iPhone models will have exactly the same shape and size than the current iPhone 3G, despite fakes and rumors circulating.
- Apple should refresh models for the iPod nano and Touch in september. Both should now include a camera, similarly to the iPhone.

The iPhone retaining its current shape and size is perhaps consistent with the recent rumors from China, but the addition of a camera to the iPod Touch and iPod Nano is a new possibility.

A camera on the iPod Touch may make the most sense as it would bring the iPhone and iPod Touch closer together in terms of features. A camera addition to the iPod Nano, however, would be a surprise. There has been talk that Apple might be positioning video to be a killer feature in the next iPhones, and this could be an extension of that.

Meanwhile, some Best Buy inventory screenshots reveal some product placeholders for something called "Project Charlie". Some are speculating that this could be the new iPhone, but we have our doubts of the significance of this. In the past, it's been shown that Best Buy frequently adds inventory items without any insider knowledge.