Nationwide Insurance Promoting New iPhone Application

Nationwide Insurance last month released Nationwide Mobile [App Store, Free], an iPhone application designed to assist those who have been involved in a traffic accidents. While the application offers several features for Nationwide customers that aid them in finding towing companies and starting the claims process, many of the features in the application's "Accident Toolkit" can guide any driver through the steps that need to be taken following an accident and assist with documenting the details of the accident.

* Calls emergency services
* Helps connect Nationwide customers with towing
* Helps you collect and exchange accident info
* Stores your insurance info for easy lookup
* Helps Nationwide customers start the claims process
* Locates Nationwide agents near you
* Takes accident photos and lets you record details
* Handy flashlight function for rainy nights or anytime

Last week, Nationwide also began advertising Nationwide Mobile with a television commercial, promoting it as the first claims application for the iPhone from an insurance company: