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Apple Sweeps Consumer Reports' Laptop Recommendations

NYTimes reports that in the most recent issue of Consumer Reports, Apple's laptops rated highest across the 13", 14"-16" and 17" laptop categories.

Consumer Reports rates laptop computers on performance, ergonomics, versatility, display, speakers, battery life and weight and provides an aggregate score. Scores for Apple's MacBook, 15" MacBook Pro, and 17" MacBook Pro exceeded all others in each of their categories, earning high recommendations from the publication.

The cost of the machines reviewed, however, varied widely with computers ranging from $600 to $2800 being compared in the same categories. These results come shortly after Microsoft's most recent laptop hunters ad which features a film-maker looking for a laptop computer for video editing. Microsoft's is pushing the price argument strongly in their recent ad campaign, while Apple has argued that "a PC is no bargain when it doesn't do what you want."

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