15" OLED Panel from LG Headed for Apple Notebook This Summer?

SmartHouse reports that LG is preparing to release a 15" display panel based on OLED technology, with the first appearance of the panel to be in a "brand new Apple notebook" in June.

A senior executive at LG Display who has been closely involved in the development of display technology for Apple said "The early models will be double, if not triple, the price of an LCD panel however, over time they will fall".

The new 15" LG OLED display panel is tipped to be shown for the first time in a brand new Apple notebook in June and later in the year it will appear as a standalone TV/monitor.

Notably, Apple and LG recently signed a five-year agreement for display panels, signifying a strengthened relationship between the two companies.

SmartHouse has previously been a source for Apple rumors regarding both OLED display panels and tablet Macs, claims which have either not yet panned out or been met with some skepticism due to their sweeping nature.