Microsoft Releases Second 'Laptop Hunters' Commercial

Microsoft has released a second commercial in their new "Laptop Hunters" ad campaign targeting Mac prices. In the new commercial, "Giampaolo" is given a budget of $1500 with which to find to a laptop with his desired features of portability, battery life, and power. After browsing several PC's, Giampaolo takes a look at Apple's notebook offerings, but ultimately decides against them.

This is so sexy, but Macs to me are about aesthetics more than they are the computing power. I don't want to pay for the brand. I want to pay for the computer.

Giampaolo eventually settles on an HP HDX 16t, closing the commercial with the comment "I'm a PC because I'm really picky."

In the first commercial in the campaign, "Lauren" purchased a $699 17" HP laptop, noting that Apple does not offer a laptop of that size within her price limit of $1000.