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32GB High End iPhone and a Low End Version in Works?

Lazard Captial Markets analyst Daniel Amir believes that Apple is working on two new iPhones that will arrive in the coming months. These would include a high end 32GB iPhone with camera improvements as well as a low-end 3G version. Production for the devices would being in April and ramp up in May, with a release in June.

[Amir] noted, however, that the low-end version may only be available in the fast-growing, emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China, while the high-end version is expected to make its way to North America and Europe.

As with most analyst reports, "channel partner" checks are cited as the source.

A 32GB iPhone has been long expected and has been dependent on the release of suitably dense memory chips that could fit within the current iPhone casing. A couple of vendors have announced possible memory chips that would be available this year. As a whole, analysts have been notoriously unreliable sources, and this particular group has no notable track record. Still, a June release of the new iPhone is certainly expected. Now with WWDC's dates set for June, Apple has an appropriate venue to announce new products.