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Customizable 4-Finger Multi-Touch Gestures Planned by Apple

MyAppleGuide discovered an unused preference pane in the version of Mac OS X Leopard that ships with Apple's new unibody MacBook Pros. The preference pane shows that Apple was planning on offering customers a way to assign different functions to the 4-finger swipe gestures found in their new laptops.

At present, the 4-finger gestures only allow you to switch applications (swipe left/right) or invoke Expos (swipe up/down). This preference pane would potentially allow you to instead assign these swipes to other functions, such as switching between Spaces, showing your Desktop, loading Dashboard and more.

The site speculates that this functionality may find its way into Snow Leopard though it has not yet been spotted in the developer builds. Meanwhile, owners of previous generation multi-touch MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are hoping to get four-finger gestures enabled on their machines with a future software update.

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